If You Were To Choose Between Harry Potter or Hillary Clinton…

She was petite, had cobalt blue contacts, freckles dotting her cheeks and Shirley Temple curls that made her look like a China doll.

She was a student who wanted to interview me for on assignment to get her into the college’s magazine.

I was touched. My first interview! Is it a sign for things to come?

Q: What do you think about yourself?

ME: (ready to launch into a litany of living life out of the box) I firmly believe –

Q: –as a loyal dog? A free bird? Or a sexy cat?

ME: (totally thrown off) I… uhh (coughs) personally I’d go with sexy cat but that’s not who I really am so I’d like to be a free (pause for a long time) bird.

Q: Then it means you’re spontaneous, fun-loving and want to dictate life on your own terms.

Me: Uh—yeah. That pretty much sums it up.

Q: What do you think of our school? A) Pretty cool. B) Perfect C) Awful D) Okay.

ME: Uh-B?

Q: Good answer!

ME: I think I wasn’t left with much of a choice.

Q: How would you like to meet your future soul mate? A) in your travels. B) at work C) a surprise meeting D) at the beach

ME: I guess it’ll be C.

Q: It means you’re like Cinderella and have a Prince Charming sweep you off your feet. Oh, Kate I didn’t know you were so romantic!

ME: Whee.

Q: How do you often like to travel? A) by yourself B) with family C) with friends D) with your boyfriend

ME: A. I often traveled by myself to other countries.

Q: (gasps) Weren’t you scared?

ME: (remembers near kidnapping stint in Indonesia and being nearly possessed by an evil spirit in Cambodia). Nope, not really.

Q: If you were to choose between Harry Potter and Hillary Clinton, which one would you like to be?

ME: HP or HC? Tough one. Though I admire HC a lot –being a determined strong-minded woman and all, I’d go with HP.

Q: Why?

ME: ‘Cuz I don’t want to deal with politics. I’d rather have a big wand, have some magic duels, drink a potion to change my appearance, stop time, ride on a hippogriff. Potter’s life is never boring. He lives in such an exciting magical world. Plus, there’s nothing like riding on a Firebolt and chasing that snitch during Quidditch. I want to fly dammit! Oops, sorry. Excuse the language.

Q: Now, we’ve come to the last question of the psychometrics.

ME: I thought we were doing psychology or personality tests?

Q: (petulantly) No, psychometrics.

ME: Okaaaay.

Q: What do you think of your interviewer?

ME: You?

Q: Me.

ME: Ok.

Q: No, you have to choose between A) a sunny day B) a light drizzle C) overcast D) stormy weather E) a cool breeze F) a raging tsunami

ME: You got raging tsunami written there? (seeing the alarmed expression on her delicate face). No, no I meant A, A — a sunny day.

Q: Wow, it means you admire me!

ME: Wow, that’s a surprise!

Q: Thanks Kate for your really cute answers.

ME: Thank you for the uh, really interesting questions.

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9 thoughts on “If You Were To Choose Between Harry Potter or Hillary Clinton…

  1. Kate says:

    Yup, I think they’d both will but I also wonder which house they’ll choose.

    Q: Obama and McCain, if you were to choose between Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff in Hogwarts, which one would you choose?

    Wonder what those 2 candidates will answer if she gave them those psychometrics? 😉

  2. Kate says:

    Lol. 🙂

    It’s very hard for me to imagine McCain as a sexy cat. Claws baring and sashaying down the catwalk. Raarrr!! =^ ^=

    Obama, which one would you choose to be?
    A) a wizard
    B) a hobbit
    C) a jedi knight
    D) a galloping Tigger

  3. sauer kraut says:

    Obama is like a jedi knight. The force is with him.

    Oh, and he’s probably a hufflepuff with the touch of a mature Neville.

  4. sauerkraut aka Palins MooseCandy says:

    yoda… ummm… jon stewart.

    and dv is most certainly dick cheney, although dc never does show heart before he departs from this movie.


  5. Derren says:

    Here is a 67 page academic research paper on:
    “An Examination of Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches”


    Here is an exerpt:
    *Obama’s hypnotic command that…

    “a light will shine down from somewhere, it will light upon you, you will experience an epiphany, and you will say to yourself, ‘I have to vote for Barack’”

    An example of Obama using both of these hypnotic hand gestures, hypnotic programming followed by hypnotic anchor back to back, in a way that can be nothing other than hypnosis: You can See the video of this speech excerpt:

    Video Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mopkn0lPzM8

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