How to Talk to Your Subconscious

Warning: This concerns New Age stuff so if you’re put off by dancing witch doctors this post is not for you. Shoo. Go away. Only those brave enough to pass the door of what else life has to offer and test the limits of their belief can read this post.

Still with me? Good.

This is a live out of the box experiment. Since changing the title of this blog, I’ve been looking for ways to breaking the conventionality of life and trying out new stuff (except going to witch doctor conventions whose location is near my hometown). I’m open to exploring your subconscious, self-hypnosis, parliminals, subliminals, and other –liminals out there. I figured I’ll get closer to the –om,om,om later on if I continue on this road.

So join me in this conversation with the other side of me as we dive in deeper on how to stop being overwhelmed, time management, chasing self-doubt away and the path of a writer.


Pretend your mind is this gigantic iceberg bobbing along its way in the North Pole. The tip is the conscious mind. The rest is the subconscious. Next imagine this is a giant living computer (like Deep Thought in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) with so much memory and software at its disposal that I’m wondering why we don’t often make use of this wonderful living thing right above our noses? Chuck it any question or problem and it’ll come up with a better and brilliant solution in seconds that will make you go, “Now why didn’t I think of that?”

I decided to try out of one of Brian Tracy’s suggestion in communicating with your subconscious or Super Conscious. It goes like this:

  1. First thing in the morning where everyone is sound asleep and not a soul is stirring, find a quiet place in your house.
  2. Sit completely still till your body gets numb. Make sure you don’t lie down because you might fall asleep instead!
  3. Let your mind wander (you’d be amazed how much useless chatter your mind broadcast) until your thoughts stop buzzing and BOOM! instant clarity and communication with the mind.

Everything including free consultation with your very own therapist takes place in an hour.

You might be wondering an hour? Heck! I can’t sit still for an hour. I got so much work. Emails, backlog, my boss looking over my shoulder, twitter…

You might be wondering an hour? Heck! I can’t sit still for an hour. I got so much work. Emails, backlog, my boss looking over my shoulder, twitter…

That’s what I thought too till I decided it’s just an hour and if it flopped (which I was secretly hoping it would) then I could get on doing other things that needed my attention.

Well, that changed after I had my first conversation with my superconscious. It’s only when you’re most overwhelmed that you need to step back, even just to think quietly in solitude to assess and ask yourself, “Am I doing stuff that truly matters in my life?”

Now Brian Tracy said it might take you around 20 minutes to get that Boom! effect.

For me it took an hour.

Here’s what happened: I chose a quiet spot. Set my timer for 60 minutes and settled in. I was excited yet dubious on whether this will work or not. I closed my eyes ready to sink into crystal clear clarity.

5 minutes later.

Wait, maybe I should get my tea light diffuser and lavender oil to help me get more relaxed. Wasn’t that what they did to priestesses during Greek times? Drug themselves out?

15 minutes later.

Should I tuck my legs in? Or let them lie flat?

10 minutes later.

What if the water in the tea light diffuser runs out? Better blow it out.

5 minutes

Okay, Kate. Better settle in. Reset the timer. This was just supposed to take one hour and that’s already gone and you haven’t even started.

No surprise there if you can guess I can get very fidgety which is a very difficult habit to overcome when it comes to sitting still. This is why I was often scolded by Taoist monks in the temple whenever we had meditation sessions.

Deep breathes.


I can’t feel my leg. Is that supposed to happen?

Crap, my nose is starting to itch.

I forced myself to really sit still and my mind starts buzzing wit all these frequencies that rapidly changed and jumped from one topic to another that were totally unrelated.

Wonder what should I do for next class?

Why did that old geezer Michael have to get a haircut? He’s already going bald!

Boy, would I die for some hot fudge sundae!

If I was president of the Philippines

And it went on till suddenly my brain split into 2. One was still blaring all these nonsense like a radio while the other had its own agenda to deal with.

Hey Brain One, we’ve got to focus here.

I am. Shouldn’t we let ourselves wander here?

We’re not going to make any progress if you continue like this.

What should we do then? Ah, our conversation would make a great blog post!

Ask a question.

How can we get World Peace?

Not that kind of question.

Well, if you’re so smart. You do it then.

What’s the purpose of life?

Oh, boy…(later) You’re crazy, Brain 2. Let’s see, what’s for lunch today?

Shut up, Brain One!

And it went on and on like this for sometime till I got into this state. You know where you are almost in the spot where you fall asleep but not quite. I got this yawning moment of silence and then—

Hi, I’m your subconscious.


I found myself in a small bare room which was barely furnished with some cupboards and a table in the middle. There is a figure who looked like the more serious version of the Doughboy for Pillsbury (I’m not kidding) rearranging the contents of the cupboards, ignoring me all the while. It made sense that he wasn’t talking to me because I’ve never listened to him for so many years.

Here I’ve reproduced the transcript of our conversation. Some of the stuff we discussed transcends words. It was a stretch translating them to paper what I expressed so effortlessly in my mind.

ME: I’m so overwhelmed! I got too many tasks to do!

SC: Surfing the web can come later. Sheesh, it can wait. For god’s sake, cook lunch! (he keeps rearranging the cupboards. He’s not looking at me). You need your energy.

Write down all the stuff you want to do and put a time limit on doing them.

Do what you want to do, not have to do. Get that massage, read that book, then watch a movie. Give yourself a break.

Move it. You’ve got time. Don’t get swept up by the urgency. It’s up to you to make the time and it’s your beliefs that dictate that.

ME: (feeling this naked emotion pulsing inside me as an unbidden memory stirs. Then I whisper to myself –) How can I expect myself to keep my promises to others when I don’t even keep my own promises to myself?

SC: (finally stops and looks at me kindly if not with a little respect) Now you know.

I know you’ve got so much stuff you want to do. Get a timer and put a time limit on them so you don’t procrastinate or spend so much time on perfection. Be strict yourself. You would’ve completed all your tasks before 5pm yesterday if you hadn’t steered away from the path you were on.

Triage. Be merciless. Kill all those unimportant tasks.

ME: But I got so much marking to do!

SC: Whine, whine. That’s all you do. What about it? Didn’t you commit to spend 20% of your time on it? Besides, next week you don’t have anything to mark so you can catch up on the rest of the pile.

Don’t give yourself more work than you have to. I know you. You’re a masochist. You want to focus on your writing then you turn around and give yourself more work with your day job and whine and whine that you don’t have time to do what really matters to you most. Get over it!

ME: Okay, then how can I keep myself from being overwhelmed?

SC: Talk to me.

ME: Eh?

SC: Take a step back and talk to me. Even for just 15 minutes. I’ll listen. Write down all the stuff you need to do and prioritize.

But to get more clarity and focus on what’s important for your life, talk to me.

SC: (conjures up this huge plasma screen showing a map of my week with all the tasks I planned to do). It’s your own doing you’re overwhelming yourself. You dig your own grave now you have to lie on it. I suggest you do this. (and he proceeds to delete and move around my tasks like a master military strategist all the while muttering, “You can’t do this here because you’ve got a meeting…)

ME: (totally awed) Wow, you got every detail of my tasks down for the whole week. I can’t hold all those information in and still have that big picture in my mind. That’s like a map I can zoom and zoom out.

SC: (smirks) I’m your inner mathematical genius.

ME: Where were you when I was failing Statistics?

SC: (doesn’t answer)

ME: (looks at the plasma screen) I’m trying to catch up. I can’t absorb all of it in my conscious level but I’m slowly understanding. The subconscious rocks. (pause) I have to ask and be honest with me. Will I ever become a writer?

SC: (laughs) I know that’s what you were thinking. Yes, I do know the future.. We do share the same mind. You’re a part of me. I’m a part of you yet we’re completely different (looks at me slyly). You haven’t gone to a deeper level yet in your thinking. When you finally achieved that, drop by for coffee and we’ll talk about the future. (He looks at me) But I’ll tell you this. Yes, you will.

ME: (relieved) Great. (Then feels doubt rising) What if you’re just saying that? What if it won’t happen?

SC: (Doubt suddenly manifests as a dark cloud next him. He swats it away easily. He’s irritated at me for my usual insecurity). If you don’t believe that, who will? In the end it’s all up to you to believe what you’re truly capable of and what you truly deserve.

ME: How do I balance writing fiction, starting a freelance writing career, my day job and building my blog at the same time?

SC: Early to bed, early to rise.

ME: Aargh. Alright, how do I get my muse back?

SC: (amused) You already know the answer. Take time to read good books. If you don’t have any, go to the library. You’ve been depriving her lately. All that reconnecting with the passion bravado. It didn’t mean reading blogs. You also let other things get in the way like your day job. Deep down you know, books and stories were what ignited your passion in the first place.

ME: I’m getting uncomfortable. The timer should have buzzed by now.

SC: It’ll come.

ME: I feel like I should be asking you more questions. But I’m just barely holding on to all the answers you’ve given me.

SC: Take your time. Any time you want. Drop by and chat.


I groggily opened my eyes. I reached out for the timer and fell down the couch during the process. My legs have fallen asleep on me.

I feel like I’ve gained and found a friend inside me. Scary, efficient, all-worldly –my very own free therapist. My mind has never been so crystal clear as it was after the exercise. It’s like I tuned out all the insignificant frequencies. I realized I’d like to chat with him again and get his view on other things –on purpose, on existence, how I’m doing on life and more.

I believe deep inside now he must be smiling.

Photo by Sarah.

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    21 thoughts on “How to Talk to Your Subconscious

    1. Michael says:

      Good post Kate!

      It amazes me how many people are scared of looking into themselves and listening to the voices which reside in all of us.

      If people spent more time listening and less time acting and reacting, they would discover their real lives

      Sort of like you have! Good job!


    2. Kate says:

      @Michael: looking at your blog now and have subscribed to your feeds. You and I sort of operate in the same vein in our blogs.

      Thanks a lot for the compliment. I just wanted to be really true to myself and share what I’ve learned to others. It might alienate some people yet it might help others who would need it the most.

      It’s only when you hear the silver sound of clarity that light will be shed. Too often we surround ourselves with noise and strive to silence our own inner voice. But it’s this voice that we really need to listen to.

      @ Mathew: No you don’t kill them. You punch their lights out till they bleed their guts out. 😉

    3. Pragy Agarwal says:

      sounds too easy to be true.. but yes.. I will give it a shot today ..
      I am at hostel, so there is practically no hour of the day that doesn’t have noise, but I will try it anyway.
      Will post the results.

    4. Claudia says:

      Wow! This post is kind of old but I want to try this technique! Thanks for sharing and I’ll come back to share my results.

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