Writing Updates- Writers Are Not Very Good At Waiting

  1. Short stories to date -4.
  2. Currently working on and off on one short story for four weeks. Guiness here I come!
  3. Submitted three articles to Ezine. They should tell me in a week whether they’ve accepted them or not.
  4. Submitted a book review for my college’s newsletter last Sunday and haven’t heard from them since. And they’ve told me last time they’d be more than happy to accept some articles from me. Aaargh…
  5. Submitted a query to my college’s magazine on the same day and haven’t heard back from them. I ought to call that damned editor.
  6. Rejections -2. One magazine folded. And I’ve yet to hear from the other one.
  7. Ideas for short stories: too many to mention.
  8. Ideas for novels: two notebooks and counting
  9. Mind Clutter Rate: High

Four out of those nine updates involve lots of impatient foot tapping and thumb sucking as we await in agony for the news knowing it’ll be eons till we can learn to sit like a Zen monk –patiently waiting and freezing our balls off on the Himalayan tops.

This is why I haven’t been able to decide on which area I’d like to focus on –building my blog or continue writing fiction or starting a freelance writing career. I could really use a cloning machine now. My mental RAM is more suited to single tasking. If it is running two or three programs at the same time, it is known to crash. But it makes up for it with its elegant design and fun functions like its access to the superconscious, the PP function (Paranormal Porn) and random fun entries program that give you the latest updates on the Hillary Clinton vs Harry Potter Presidential Election and those who are having multiple orgasms at the moment with real time detection. 😀

Writers don’t have to wait when writing a blog. You get an awesome idea, write it down and in seconds everyone gets to read it. This can all take place in the same day. Instant gratification and the words every writer wants to hear, “You’re published!” Sit back and then immediately bask on your adoring fans as they eat up your words and kowtow to you a million times.

If you’ve decided to take the more ‘distinguished’ path, you don’t get to reap what you sow immediately. It can take place in months in a crawling snail’s pace. You send query after query till the magazine shuts down (like in my experience). You don’t get to see your work up front immediately. Even if you’ve got 40 stories circulating, it would still take a month to two months for them to respond to you and believe me, they take their sweet time. You don’t see any successful block you’ve achieved to boost your self-esteem. It can take literally a year or years for you to see any improvement in your publishing credits and frankly speaking, I hardly relish waiting that long. I’m the type who wants to see the results of my labor NOW.

So I’m still in a daze at the present moment on which area I’d like to focus 80% of my attention on (the other 20% belongs to the day job). This weekend, I’ll strive to get clarity on that.

The foot tapping continues.

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    4 thoughts on “Writing Updates- Writers Are Not Very Good At Waiting

    1. June Saville says:

      Hi Kate
      I do so know what you mean about impatience and writers. It also costs money for competitions and a few wins in that direction are almost obligatory to get up the ladder.
      There’s a lot of self promotion involved and that drives me balmy …
      For me at the moment blogging takes the cake with people reading my stuff every day and actually expressing appreciation. I wouldn’t mind if they’d give some constructive critisicm but they seem shy about that.
      Even if I concentrated on getting published it would be rare that you’d meet a reader, or get feedback. So …
      June in Oz

    2. Tim Jones says:

      I started my blog to bring my books to people’s attention, which gave it a clear focus – and it still retains that, even though I talk about other stuff as well on it now. If it didn’t have that underlying purpose, I don’t think I would keep up the discipline of posting to it.

      So my question is: if you did concentrate on building up your blog rather than writing fiction or non-fiction, for what purpose would you be building it up?

    3. Kate says:

      @ June: I do so agree about that. You need money, a few wins on your belt and enter dozens of contests. Then maybe you get published.

      Blogging seems to be a great outlet for us other writers who are impatient to wait for eternity to get our work published to reach out to other people with the stirring soul of words.

      And I don’t even know how to self-promote or know if it’s good or bad. I’m not a marketing whiz like one of my friends. I don’t exclaim, “Yes, I got x-deal with x-client!” I’m a writer and I know my way around words not worm into people’s interests. But nowadays, writers have to juggle being so many things. Publicity is important because if you don’t get your work to the awareness of people, who’s going to read them?

      where’s my publicist?

      @ Tim Jones: Good question (thanks!). Purpose is so important because it is the stable foundation on which everything stands.

      I guess it would be to bring my work and my writing to the people. To let them know that hey! I exist. But most important, to contribute something to the people whether it be to help them in their lives (non-fiction) and inspire/move them, to make them think or ideally, let them relax while sipping a cup of tea reading my stories beside the fireplace (fiction). 😉 At least I know I’m making a difference –creating a connection to some people no matter how small it may be, creating my own little ripple in the encompassing stream of life.

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