How To Promote Your Under-Appreciated Blog In Just One Click

Your blog’s got great content but no readers?ย  Or relish the task of discovering new blogs with killer content that haven’t been thrust into the spotlight yet?

If you’re like me with no marketing or social blogging skills whatsoever or even a large community of readers to promote our blog, I guess you can say this is the fastest ticket to the answer of our prayers.

Chuck Westbrook has the answer.

Join his motley group of bloggers as we scour for new diamonds in the rough blogs and read a new one for two weeks. By becoming a member, you would also have the chance for your blog to be chosen. There’s probably around more than 400 bloggers (I’m the 408th ๐Ÿ˜€ )who’ve signed up. I’ve entered my name into the list and hope we can see each other in this burgeoning community of bloggers helping other bloggers.

Join now!


8 thoughts on “How To Promote Your Under-Appreciated Blog In Just One Click

  1. Paul C. says:

    Found you through Chuck’s viral blog discovery site. Blogging since January 2006…you’ve got experience! You should be in the running as a future pick. I’ve added your site to my Reader. Best wishes and hope you can visit me at quoteflections occasionally.

  2. Kate says:

    Oh gosh, I wish I can say I’ve got experience. But it was on and off blogging. I was floundering and didn’t have a clear direction but just did it because I love it. One reason my blog sort of ‘died’ was the epidemic of not having enough readers and I’m just climbing back to the wagon now. Learning the ropes again because so many things have changed in the blogosphere since 2006. For one, we didn’t have social bookmarking.

    You know I should tell that to Chuck. He doesn’t know it yet. Chuck, pick me! Pick me!

    This year is my best blogging year yet.

    Off to your site now and thanks for subscribing Paul!

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