Writing Updates – Lunch with the Writers and My First Break in Getting Published

  1. Just had lunch today with some writers from Eastern Europe which the Mentor has graciously sent the invitation. Now they aren’t just some writers from Eastern Europe they are the writers from Eastern Europe. They include award winning, literary first prize winners, editors, PHDs, IOWA Writing Programme fellowships, and the whole galluza which include Istvan Laszlo Geher from Hungary, the cool rocker chick and VJ Ina Grigorova from Bulgaria and Arian Leka from Albania. Suddenly my shouts of I’m a writer! dissolved when I was among these literary giants. I’ve never felt so small and pressured to say something literariffic.. I was like, in awe because you were just not staring at a published writer. You were staring at a critically acclaimed IOWA awarded writing fellowship first prize winner published writer. I didn’t dare show my writings to them (sans fits of insecurity). They had come to hold a Writer’s Workshop in my college which I unfortunately couldn’t attend (I could scream) because I had a straight class from 1-6pm today. My experience having lunch with them deserves another post including how different authors’ eyes can be.

Here is a short excerpt from Ina Grigorova’s novel The Name Factor

Still dizzy from Bandana’s touch on her mile long arm but recovering, she mumbles “What do I owe you”, and twists to reach into her bra without giving him a visual. “You? Owe? Me?”, he fakes disbelief and gazes thru her shades like he said something way more beautiful but she is somehow not getting it.

“Thank you,” grabbing the back of Bandana’s neck, she gets on her tiptoes to kiss him and split. A small baby peck on the cheek, but he swiftly turns its head to interject her. His tongue slips between her lips, hot and hard and dry as it makes its way into her mouth and circles her like a right answer, oxy-maika-caff slow. She doesn’t pull away. The Scator must be close now, and seeing this will discourage him. Plus, it doesn’t feel awful. Not very awful at all.

  1. Here’s the great news that I hinted to you about earlier. I’m going to be published! Well, not a novel yet. I wrote a short profile about Master Wu (more about him in this entry) and sent a query to a local English magazine here. I was kind of worried when I didn’t get a reply back from them last Monday then found out with utmost horror that Gmail never sent my letter. I emailed them back and got an immediate reply that my piece was going to make it in their next issue and that they hope I can contribute more longer feature articles for them. Yippee!! I’m finally going to get paid for doing what I love. Baby steps, baby steps.
  2. Speaking of get paid, Wrideo has awarded me a $30 gift check from Amazon (you can learn more about this with all its emotional rollercoaster here) for getting second place in their writing referral contest. That’ll be great as I was planning to order some more books. The only problem is I’m kind of worried how I can receive it as I don’t live in the States.
  3. Ezine has published some of my articles in three days after I sent some to them. Here are the links: Heroes Are Made, Not Born – Summerland by Michael Chabon Book Review and Do Your Passion, First Thing.
  4. The college newsletter has replied and they are going to publish my review on The Memory Keeper’s Daughter in the next upcoming issue. That college magazine hasn’t answered yet though they claimed to have a sent a reply five times. Well, I checked my inbox and spam more times than that and I didn’t see any. Plus the editor in chief is away in the US.
  5. 20,230 stats. What I hoped would take me till the end of this month turned out to be achieved in one week. I wouldn’t have done it without you. 3,770 more to go.
  6. Submitted a guest post and received some guest post requests as well. 🙂
  7. And lastly, found these great new writing sites.

  • Get Paid to Write– talks about a UK Freelancer’s Journey and has some great useful information for promoting blogs and beginning freelancers.

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    6 thoughts on “Writing Updates – Lunch with the Writers and My First Break in Getting Published

    1. Zoe says:

      Sounds like an exciting week, Kate! It must feel great to have that momentum.

      Here’s a possibly ignorant question: what do you mean by stats? Visits? Or is this some Google Analytics understanding I’ve missed out on? I feel like I’m still stumbling my way through those charts and graphs!

      • Kate says:

        Hi Zoe!

        It was great although contributed to some stress because I didn’t yet know
        how to balance this, emails, school meetings and the teaching.

        I’m not that knowledgeable on Google Analytics either. Stats mean the total
        number of people who visited my blog. If you’re blogging since 2006, 20K
        stats seem pretty small (it was I think around 16,000 in the middle of this
        year). My goal is to reach 24K at the end of this year.

        Have a great trip to Indonesia! It’s going to be quite an adventure for you,
        I’m sure!

    2. Amanda says:

      Hey Kate, congrats on the publication 🙂 You’ve been busy. Me too (but more just procrastinating. I just posted at my blog after your comment saying I should stop reading blogs and get writing, and look – here I am. Your fault though because you left this link …) ! Have a good writing week. A.

      • Kate says:

        Waaah!! Hahaha!! Maybe I should leave me more links then. LOL. 🙂

        That’s why I haven’t seen you around the blogosphere. Keep updating the
        Fiction Blog. I miss learning about your updates.

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