Open the Box!- Unleashing the Writer Within You

boxEditor’s note: Today’s guest post is from Matthew Dryden. He knows how to think out of the box. The entries in his blog are gripping, passionate and at times get an R-rating for extreme violence (think blood, blood and blood). He’s one of the true followers of the sacrosanct art of writing and I’ve never seen someone who pursues it so relentlessly. He has conquered his own fear and self-doubt, pounded it into a bloody pulp to the point that it can never resurrect again – a vital achievement for any writer who’s often tormented by his own demons. Just be careful not to slit your wrists after reading his work. 😉

It is there, inside the box.

You might be thinking that it’s the novel that I was writing a year ago – and for the last 4 years before that – that novel that became so much that I couldn’t handle it. Or you might be thinking that it’s the body parts that I was claiming I was cutting up last week because they were easier to hide.

It is there, pulsing in the box.

I’m not going to be opening it, not yet. I’m going to sit here and stare at it – I know what is inside of it. I’m going to dance around the living room and eat food with it. I’m going to carry it on the bus with me to work because I know that I can’t leave home without it.

It is there, quivering in the box.

I’m out here, shivering. I believe that it fucking deserves to be in the box because it didn’t do me any damned good to let it out last time – besides, there is this email that I have to write, this floor that I need to sweep, and that damned bathroom that needs to be cleaned.

I’m not ready for this to be a 100% thing because I lack the motivation. I’m not opening this damned box because I don’t need to deal with the supposed blood that would be getting everywhere, leaving smears on the wall and the sink – and I only just got rid of the stench that it left from the last time I decided it might be a good idea to see what the fuss was about.

I’m not opening that box.

I’d rather be writing something else, I’d rather be sitting my cafe, sipping coffee, staring out the window, listening to Iron and Wine, I’d rather be making friends, I’d rather be living life in the fast lane. I want to party on my free nights, work full-time, buy a new house by myself, I’d rather never get on a stage or have to stand behind my collective creative work.

Then I start thinking about it and suddenly I want to rip off the wrapping paper like it’s Christmas Eve and I was allowed to open only one gift! And at the same time, I want to undress it slowly and properly, savoring each moment – raising my expectations inch by inch. I want to hold it in my arms and revel in the passionate embrace.

This gift that I was given is something that I know I should open. I have always made excuses, given up on it. I’ve hid from it. This gift is something that I feel I must face fully and completely. I must do this now, or it’ll never happen.

No more waiting. No more complaining, whining, disbelieving. It’s there, inside the box. My talent, my gift, my calling, my mantra, my vocation, my passion. This time I embrace my purpose. It will not be complete immediate gratification, there will be storms to push back against, fear to rise above, and almost every other part of my life to need to be readjusted to make room for it.

I am ready, I am ready, this is my time.

Photo by: rubbernun
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15 thoughts on “Open the Box!- Unleashing the Writer Within You

    • Kate says:

      Hi Matthew!
      I get the same feeling too when I read my first guest post. Guess we’re not
      used to seeing our own work in another format. 😉

      Keep those artists’ fingers strumming on our keyboards!

  1. Tammy Warren says:

    I was thinking of you earlier and I went to see how it went for you today. Then I saw where you had posted over here. Great writing as usual. You can really make us feel the power of your words. You drew my full attention once again.

  2. thejimgaudet says:

    It is there, pulsing in the box.

    It is there, quivering in the box.

    I’m not opening that box.

    I am ready, I am ready, this is my time.

    Perfect, like walking up steps….

    ~ jim

    • Kate says:

      @ jim and tammy: Matthew always has the same effect on me with his words. He
      can succeed drawing levels of power from our psyche. I’m truly glad he has
      written my humble blog a guest post.

  3. Kate says:

    Hi Melissa, I just checked my Akismet spam and your comment wasn’t even there so I’m afraid the comment monster must’ve eaten it up. 😦

    You’re free to comment back again for Matthew’s post, time willing. 🙂 By the way, love your “Novel” entry this week!

  4. Iain Broome says:

    I went through a similar process on completing my novel. I’d written it with agency interest, after they read and liked the first 10,000 words. Fantastic news, at the time. But a real burden from then on. Somehow, it affected my motivation because everything had to be ‘better than what they’d already seen’.

    But I got there. And I loved the process, really. There’s nothing more exciting than going back to a piece of work that you’ve previously struggled with… and succeeding.

    Great post!

    • Kate says:

      It was kind of the same for me. Somehow the pressure is on when you’ve
      written something and other people liked it. You’d really want to top that.
      I try my best to put it at the back of my mind though because I really want
      to enjoy the process not for surpassing other people’s expectation but for
      the sake of writing itself. There’s nothing like getting into a trance and
      losing yourself into that character until you become the *character*.

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