The Devil Wants You Dead – 2

gun-noirI flung open the door.

It was Charlie. He raised an eyebrow as he saw the hole of death pointed at him. “Guess you were expecting someone else.”

I put the gun down and sighed. I cocked my head, gesturing that he should come in.

He looked like the ever geeky kindergarten teacher he was. He still had that sickening tie that I hate so much. The yellow one with Donald Ducks.

“I could shoot you for just that tie.”

He looked down. “My six year olds love it.”

“Exactly. Immature taste.”

“Ben’s gone.”

“So what else is new?

He spilled a couple of pictures containing Ben’s corpse in various angles on the table from his backpack. Streaks of vibrant red were prominent in every one of them. “I quickly went to the crime scene before the cops got there. Haven’t looked through them yet.”

If anyone died among us, Charlie would always be the first to know. He was the one who often felt our presence.

If only those kids knew what skeletons he had hidden away in his closet. Literally.

I whipped out my glasses and studied one of the pictures.

“Fuck! What happened to your hand?” he cried out, seeing Susie bandaging her fingers.

His hands came into contact with hers. It lingered longer than necessary before she waved him away. I pretended not to notice.

It seemed ironic that Ben who often played victims of killers in his movies would end up as one himself. Well, life always had a weird sense of humor.

“Extreme lacerations. That tells us nothing,” I muttered, flipping through the photos. One in particular caught my eye. I drew an inward breath as I studied the latest development.

Charlie saw it. “Shit.”

Lying next to Ben’s face was a red plump thing which at first glance you’d mistake for a chunk of raw beef.

It was his tongue.

To be continued

Photo by more noir

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13 thoughts on “The Devil Wants You Dead – 2

  1. matthewdryden says:

    I have to say that the kid in the picture looks like fucking Rick Astley. If you’re not familiar with the fame which is Mr. Astley…search out “Never Gonna Give You Up” or “Rickroll” on YouTube.

    That being said, interesting developments in the story. I like that Charlie seems connected to everyone in some strange way – and I like how you’re not explaining why. I hope that this doesn’t get too supernatural…but that’s just my preference. I like/love/obsess with writing in the real world with those laws governing my work.

    You meant to shock with the tongue like – and you did. I almost cringed.

    (OK, I did cringe, but don’t tell anyone!)

    • Kate says:

      @ Mathew: I read a post of yours (or was it an email of yours?) that almost everyone you know is writing fantasy/sci fi. Unfortunately or fortunately, I happen to be a VERY (emphasis on *very*) big fan of fantasy. 😉

      I don’t know how supernatural this can get but it’d be subtle. I don’t know yet where this is going and I feel I’m nothing but a medium/conduit for these characters and stories. I’m just in the dark like
      you (and I’m excited about it!).

      Don’t worry. Sssh, I won’t tell.

      Now that you mention it, he does like Rick Astley. Yeah, and I’ve been duped so many times into watching his videos on Youtube. Grrr!

      @ Jim: I think from someone who believes in the LOA, the supernatural won’t be a problem. 😀 Thanks for liking the series. Get ready for the next installment!

      I’m liking the Charlie character actually. He’s got a big part in the series.

    • Kate says:


      I’m wondering myself how the ‘tongue’ got in the picture myself. I think as
      I go along with the story I’ll find out why, hopefully.

      I liked your how to write a novel II post. Congratz on finishing it!

  2. Sal says:

    These two parts are awesome. I love them. It almost has one of those Highlander type feelings to it. I loved that show. It leaves you wanting more and the tension draws you in. This was probably my favorite line in the whole thing.

    “If anyone died among us, Charlie would always be the first to know. He was the one who often felt our presence.”


    • Kate says:

      Thanks Sal! *blushes warm with pleasure*. I love those Highlander movies as
      well. There’s just something about a guy and a sword that draws you in….

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