The Devil Wants You Dead- 6 “David”

The crazy holidays are over! Which means I’m now making up for lost time by working on a Sunday. There is still a ton of marking to be done and more to arrive but at least classes are over. And soon the blessed word that every student and teacher want to hear will begin –VACATION.

If you want to read this series from the beginning, click here. See all parts below.

summer-jumpDavid’s laugh punctuated the still silence that morning as he landed with a mighty splash into the lake. He broke out from the surface triumphant before spying the outsider on the grass calmly studying for their high school examinations.

Breaking out into a mischievous grin, he shot a mighty torpedo of water towards Charlie.

He tried to protect his trigonometry book but it was too late. The assault was too quick to evade. “Look what you did,” he growled, squeezing out droplets of water from his shirt.

“I did you a favor,” he said.

Charlie looked at how the silver lights danced upon the gentle surge of turquoise waters. For a moment, his resolve wavered. Then he pursed his lips. “It’s a waste of my time.”

David rolled his eyes. “Count on us to do that for you.”

Charlie sighed in resignation. He started to take off his shirt and then stopped. His face flushed, he turned to his right. We followed his gaze and saw the telltale sheen of auburn hair and that familiar laugh across the woods. A reverent hush came over us boys as Susie descended on our territory. She was a nymph blessing us mere mortals with her presence. She granted me a smile and I never knew why I deserved such a gift. Behind her, Charlie’s eyes smoldered with rage and jealousy.

I gasped, the car jolting me awake as it passed a pothole.

“How long was I out?” I asked Charlie.

“A couple of minutes.”

We had been driving for hours in search of David. For some reason, Charlie couldn’t sense where Susie was. I had already called in sick for work and he had morning classes. I could only depend on his intuition now to lead us to him.

“I just had a dream. Remember that day we went swimming in the lake? Back when we were sophomores?”

He groaned. “How could I forget? I flunked that trigonometry test because of you guys.”

“And bounced right back to become valedictorian.”

“Those were the days.”

“You had everything — the grades, the sports medals, the girls.”

“Not all girls,” Charlie whispered.

He was right. I felt a surge of triumph that Susie chose to belong to me and not to him. Which was why he had to steal her away from me. He just couldn’t stand it not having everything.

But I didn’t want to talk about her.

I stared at the passing trees outside. “You were voted most likely to succeed. I was voted most likely to end up in death row.”

“I was jealous of you.”

“I find that hard to believe.”

“You didn’t give a shit about anybody, John. I did.” He gripped the steering wheel. “You went around doing pot, flunking your courses, spray painting Anarchy in the UK on the school walls. You even mooned Principal Whitehall.” He laughed at the memory.

“Yeah, and look at us now. Who’d knew I’d end up as an accountant? Or you teaching Sponge Bob to kids?”

“Yeah, life’s funny, isn’t it?”

“I never understood why you ever gave up that senior manager job.”

“When you get tired of constantly living up to other people’s expectations and not your own, when you find you’re spending your days in misery and pain, when you could hardly look at yourself in the mirror without feeling guilt, disgust and shame then…….we’ll talk.”

He suddenly slammed on the brakes, pitching us forward. I hit the windshield.

“Jesus Christ!” I shouted.

Charlie’s eyes never left the road. Instead they stared straight ahead without answering me. Slowly, I turned to the direction where he was looking. Standing in front of our car was David.

To be continued

Photo by pixietart

Happy New Year Everybody! I’m looking forward to what everyone else has in store for 2009.

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15 thoughts on “The Devil Wants You Dead- 6 “David”

  1. Melissa Donovan says:

    Yay! You’re back. I’m starting to get to know these characters and can’t wait to see what happens to them next. Also, I’m so exciting that there’s some good fiction in the blogosphere. What a relief.

    • Kate says:

      @ Jim/flagfootballmagazine: No prob. It took a while to write this as I’ve
      been out of practice. In the beginning, I wanted David to give a full on
      appearance but then decided, ‘Nah.’ I’ll let my readers wait for a little
      while. I don’t want to give him away just yet. I’m selfish.

      @ Melissa: Hi Twinnie! Yes, I’m back. Thanks for your patience and never
      giving up on the series.What’ll happen next? David is finally going to show
      up. =) I can’t wait.

  2. Sal says:

    I have been waiting anxiously for the return and what a great way to start a new year. I love how it started with the dream. Fantastic! Now my question is, WTF is David doing in the middle of the road and how did he know they were going to be there? AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH I need more!!!!

    • Kate says:

      Sal, I’m so happy I got you as a reader. You definitely challenge me. Your
      enthusiasm makes me want to jump up and down in glee that the story has
      produced this reaction from you. And I love how you obsess about David.
      That’s why I saved his present appearance for last and in just one sentence
      too. Hehe. 😛

  3. -vRu- says:

    That guy in the photo looks like the hulk. lol. Of course David should know. He’s Charlie’s uncle. aka Fred. *lmao* Sorry cuz, just tryin’ to mess around. Haha. 😛 But yes, can’t wait to see more coming of David’s enigmatic presence. Why don’t ya set him and me a date and call it The Resurrection. haha. Peace cuz. 😛

    • Kate says:

      You’re definitely trying to stir up the craziness here! I might set you and
      him up on a date somewhere but I think David will more likely run away from
      you. P.S. He can never be Fred!

  4. Bobby Revell says:

    Hi Kate! I see you utilizing “self-control” to reveal just enough to make me want more. Please don’t make me wait too long or my skull may implode . . . hahaha! It’s good to see you back. I took a nine day writing/blogging break and am now back. Can’t wait for episode 7 😈

    • Kate says:

      Bobby, no worries. I hope your skull won’t implode (although that might be a
      good sight to see). I hope I can write episode 7 sooner. Working on a Sunday
      again here. I also want to take a break too. A break from work that is! I
      see that you’ve got another fiction piece up on your blog and I’m glad that
      you rejected the norm (norm’s boring anyway). The underbelly –the poor, the
      struggling masses, the sexually perverse –those are actually the real world
      not the rich suburbanites trimming their perfect rose gardens.

  5. Bobby Revell says:

    Indeed Kate, I see that perfect little utopia prevalent in many stories with happy endings, characters who evolve and so forth (all those concepts creating “mainstream” or “popular” entertainment) to be one microscopic facet among an eternity of others. I like the idea of treating “what you expect or what is acceptable” to be illusive and shadowy. Normalcy becomes that monster in a horror movie when you want to see it but the director waits until the end making the movie suck–and you’re dissatisfied. When I see something already done, a plot idea, a story line, etc . . . I remove it from my writing, distilling all I do into pure me. I had to share this with you as I really don’t know too many people who may understand it. Again, I look forward to the next part! 🙂

  6. Ruthi says:

    Hi Kate, I was too busy and only now that I got the time to check you out. Thanks for your comment on my recent post. OMG… you are one heck of a writer. I used to write fiction/short story when i was a little… and i miss it. you gave me a good idea here. but i don’t know how to do it now with so much work in my hand. Anyway, about the paid post… freelance writing… i do make decent income from that… sure i can give you tips on that…. you can write me at and am happy to be of help.

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