The Devil Wants You Dead-7

Sorry for the delay. Work is finally over. YES! Am now in India for holiday and detoxifying all that stress. I’ve sneaked in a bit of blogging while staying with a host family. Will be back in full gear China by February 2.

If you want to read this series from the beginning, click here. See all parts below.


We were on the outskirts of town, where no one dared to venture and the roads lay deserted. Skeletons of oak trees lined the streets and the air was perfumed with dry sweet despair. As David walked towards us in his worn out clothes, he swayed from side to side like a broken pendulum.


“How are the love marks I’ve given you, bro?” David looked at Charlie. His voice slurred. “Do you want me to do it to you again?”


Charlie quickly covered his wrists instinctively as if to protect them from the monster before us.


So the bastard lied.


I brought out my gun.


David’s eyes took notice. “You were always a lousy shooter.”


“But good enough to blow your brains from over here.” I brought the gun up and aimed it at him.


“Is that any way to greet an old buddy?”


“Reunion’s over.”


David grinned and then collapsed before my very eyes. I quickly got out of the car.


“John! Get back here!” Charlie called after me, too scared to get near his brother.


I bent over David’s prone form. His dilated pupils stared ahead as if he was looking straight through me. Gashes lined his forehead. Clasped tightly in his right hand was Susie’s gold watch.


To be continued


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9 thoughts on “The Devil Wants You Dead-7

    • Kate says:

      @ Matthew: I’m back and thanks for dropping by! 😉 Well-earned vacation

      @ Melissa: Fellow twinnie, I’ve bought Heroes 2 while on vacation and will
      soon set out to watch it. I’ve also met a fellow Gemini during my travels.
      Sadly, it wasn’t you.

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