Sex with Six

kama-sutra-rioIt all began like everything else with a story.

The car was cloaked in darkness. Three boys, three girls who were lured with the sweet promise of adventure in India. We were on a road trip that was doomed to last for fours hours that would take us to our tiger safari in Rathambore. Our supply of rum and chips was running out.

And we were bored.

“The car got a flat tire so Joel went out for a piss.” Aaron’s voice from the backseat sliced through the deadweight silence that settled on us, shifting it aside like an old musty blanket.

Joel sat up from the middle of the car and continued the story. “But before he could do so, he felt Michelle’s hand on his ass because she wanted some action.” He licked his lips.

“All Michelle wanted to do actually was shove Joel out of the car because it was getting stuffy.” Michelle shot him a triumphant look.

“At that point, the midget appeared,” Seamus at the front continued.

“Whoa, what’s up with the midget?” Joel said.

“It’s not your turn, Joel,” said Aaron. He stared across from Shirley at the back and rolled his eyes.

I took a deep breath, excited at how these things were turning about. For some reason, the car was getting warmer. “The midget led these six –

“—Seven. What about the driver?” said Joel.

“Ssh. Let her continue,” said Seamus.

“Seven lost souls to a house in the middle of nowhere. There they found –“

“You’re only allowed a sentence,” Aaron interrupted.

“Fine. –Middle of nowhere and there they found an orgy of men and women, their brown flesh dripping with intoxicating sweat.”

“Hello!” Joel exclaimed.

“At that point, the group decided to take off their clothes and join in,” said Seamus. His eyes met mine and held them for some time. My tongue peeked out and I licked my lower lip nervously, leaving a shiny trail.

“But the girls hesitated, unsure of themselves and let the guys have a stab at it first,” Shirley said. Aaron’s foot nudged hers as the vehicle rocked from passing a pothole.

“Surely the guys wouldn’t protest as they’ve been eyeing each other for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity for them to unleash their carnal desire,” Michelle said.

“But, but,” Aaron said. “The midget announced that customs dictate the women always go first so regretfully, the guys backed down to let the girls take the limelight.”

“Now you’re talking.” Joel grinned. “To help these girls overcome their sudden shyness, a few of the naked women with their breasts dripping of coconut oil decided to come and help them out.”

“At that point –” Seamus began.

“At that point,” the group bellowed in unison, now aware of his trademark.

Unabashed Seamus continued, “At that point, they decided to give each other an oil massage.”

I rubbed my hands together in anticipation. “But it was hard to take off the girls’ wet saris that were clinging to their supple flesh from the rain so frustrated our dark skinned friends decided to tear them off.”

“And proceeded to also strip down the men,” Michelle said.

“I’m not complaining,” said Joel. His arms snaked around behind my shoulder. “Supple flesh, where did that come from?” he whispered into my ear. Then the car rocked again. I was pressed further into Michelle’s warm body and she grasped my waist so I was caught in this awkward embrace between the two of them.

“The men dived in to dance and cavort and taste the throbbing buttocks of delightful female flesh,” Aaron said. Not breaking his eye contact with us, his hand rested softly upon Shirley’s thigh.

“As if under a heady trance, the six—” I said.

“-Seven,” corrected Joel. His fingertips grazed my ear.

“The seven did not know whose flesh they’ve tasted for all they wanted was to be in the moment, to exist right here and now, with their animal juices running down their thighs and it was hard to breathe underneath those pulsating bodies with their fingers clawing onto each others’ backs drawing droplets of blood.”

“That’s one paragraph,” Joel said. He fanned himself with his other hand. “Is it getting hot here or is it just me?”

“At that point – ”

The car skidded to a stop. For a moment, there was a pregnant silence as everyone noted with disappointment that we’ve arrived. Perhaps we’d hoped that the tale will soon venture with a tentative foot to the real world. But that hope was now gone. There was no more story.

“At that point, everything came to an end.”

Photo by Quasebart

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