The Circle of Goals- A New Way of Writing Them

Mom’s New Year resolutions looked like this:

  1. Don’t forget dentures every time you go out (I’m sorry, Mom. But you can’t get away with just your canines. Remember our neighbor, George? He stopped you in the street with a concerned look in his face and said, “Nisa, Halloween was over six months ago.”).
  2. Find a better way to decline son’s year long request to buy a ‘haute couture’- what is haute couture?- yellow gown with matching feather boas and Giuseppe Zentodi Zoneti Zanotti shoes.
  3. Lose weight for daughter’s upcoming wedding. You don’t want guests to think you’re pregnant when you walk down the aisle.
  4. Buy wig for wedding and not listen to daughters’ comments that a wig just makes you look like a sorry assed drag queen. Avoid pink and green. Rihanna red-optional.

Does yours look the same (of course, minus the dentures and feather boas)? Every year we make the same list style of writing our goals. Have you ever considered doing something different like this?


This idea of writing my goals this way came to me out of the blue. Why not arrange our goals in a circular shape so we could see how they connect and synergize with each other? In this way, we can see the Big Picture, the whole forest not just the trees, the whole gown and not just the sequins and embroidery.

We’re used to seeing goals as separate entities. But actually, they can also be extensions of each other. Some goals need other goals to lay the foundations like the bottom blocks of Egyptian Jenga pyramids. For example, my main goal for this year is to be able to wake up at7AM consistently (goal #1) in order to do what’s important to me (goal#2) so I can lead a happy and fulfilling life (goal#3).

So grab a piece of paper or software and start sketching. Find the hidden bridges between those goals so you can cross them. Once you know how important one is to the other, you’ll be more motivated to pursue them. Meanwhile I have to skype Mom. Apparently, she’s lost those dentures again.


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