Have A Theme Every Week- 52 Adventures


At certain times during the course of the years boredom would suddenly hit my friends and I.We live abroad but it seemed we were doing the same thing every year- work, shop, travel, clubbing, drinking and whoring (for some).

There has got to be a way to get oneself out of that cycle. It’s up to us to consciously make life more interesting. Why wait when you have the power to spice up your life?

I remembered I had this book on celebrating different holidays everyday. Then I started thinking. Instead of holidays why not giving each week a theme? There are 52 week in a year hence I nicknamed this experiment- 52 adventures for the 52 themes. What you do is have your week revolve around a theme. For example, my ‘pimp ass ho’ friend Samgela wanted a Drag Queen Week. That means she would pummel our college hallways dolled up in sequined organza, glitter, fashion forward Lady Gaga couture and high heels. However, that doesn’t mean she has to exhaust her collection of wigs. She can do other stuff that revolve around the drag world—like lipsyncing fo’ your life, reading other queens, impersonating, voguing –you werk it girl!

Here is a list of themes that my friends and I have come up with:

  • Movie Week
  • Cooking Week
  • Travel Week- my friend Dbau and I went toBurmafor this. I will post a future on entry about our trip — Burmese jails, naked monks and other shenanigans.
  • Writing Week- this week!
  • Biking Week
  • Vegetarian Week – in time for Lent
  • Food and Wine Tasting Week (just don’t get drunk and go to your job with a hangover)
  • Fashion Week
  • Personal Development Week

And some other quirky ones that we generally won’t do but fun to think about:

  • Otaku Week- get obsessed with one thing for that week and commit to it. Perfect for obsessive compulsives types like me
  • Ignorant Tourist Week- Oh my God, Frank. What are these bamboo thingies that people stick into their mouths? How unhygienic…
  • Knock Knock Corny Joke Week – to which my pal Mama Harry said that’ll be his Ignore Kate Week
  • Annoy People Week- followed inevitably by No Friends Week
  • Hangover Week – followed by Look for a Job Week
  • Get High Week- oh dear…
  • Rave/Ecstasy Week- That’s my up to the 9th power of craziness friend Gumbo’s week. That explains why he woke up one day with no recollection of the previous night and discovering that arranged artfully on his chest was an explosion of sakura pink butterflies).
  • Porn Week (good one for guys. Buy lube. Lots of it)
  • Crazy Hair Week
  • No Shower Week- eew…

I would blog future posts about the 52 Adventures experiment in my other blog- Kate Yowein. The point is to experience something new and exciting to make your year different. So what about you? What’s your theme week?


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