We Are Not Our Government

I’m reviving my old writing blog and just wrote a new entry in it after two years.

I have not written for two years.

Guilty as charged.

There is only one reason bloggers just stop writing and seemed to disappear from the face of the earth.


In my case it was a cocktail mix of lack of life management, social gatherings of red wine, conferences, mountains of marking papers, one miserable relationship and …. [continue]

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This week I felt a little bit paranoid towards my students as Philippine-China relations tensed due to an incident where a Chinese fishing boat got stranded near islands being disputed to be owned by either China, the Philippines and many other Asian countries in the South China Sea.

The Mainland Chinese are a fiercely proud race yet I worry that their tunnel vision tendencies would result in becoming hostile towards me just because our government’s’ relationships are on rocky waters, so to speak. I’m relieved though that so far my students have still acted normal towards me and have not displayed any animosity. This is part of a life of an Expat, where there may be incidents that would occur between the governments of your country of birth and the country you’re temporarily residing in.

On  that note, I do wish that many could separate government and citizens. We are not the same as our government. Many countries have the worst brutal governments but its people are some of the nicest and friendliest in the world. Take Burma, for example, its government has one of the world’s most brutal human rights records. Does that mean its people are a bunch of murderers? Of course not. Likewise, not all North Koreans are like Kim Jung-il.

Sadly, still some people think government and people are alike. Upon meeting my American travel buddy Dbau, a Burmese exclaimed, “You know I used to so hate fucking Bush. But your country is okay now. I love Obama.”


2 thoughts on “We Are Not Our Government

  1. Sara says:

    I feel like people in foreign countries who don’t know the situation on the ground in the US would love Obama. Don’t get me wrong. He’s sooo much better than Mittens Romneypuss who I will not be voting for, but I wish politicians actually went through on their promises to, you know, fix the economy and build jobs. Sigh. But that doesn’t happen anywhere.

    • Kate says:

      Definitely, he’s like a world ambassador. People all over the world love him. But the situation is different in the States. When I was there last summer, people were not that crazy about him anymore. The political climate had changed. Although I don’t quite know what’s going on anymore as I’m back in China, I think he just faces a lot of opposition and lack of support probably from Congress. You could have an inspirational team leader but without the full support of a group, the ideas just won’t be implemented.

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