The Tables Have Turned

Today an amazing thing happened.

Usually this is the scenario. I’ve seen it too many times enough to warrant a puking. Typical blushing Chinese girl stumbling over her poor English while attempting to have a conversation with a blonde blue-eyed Western foreigner.

Tonight at the Aussie pub the opposite has happened.

My Chinese friend, Des is speaking rapidly in slang rich English while a blushing blonde blue eyed Western foreigner attempts to catch up and understand what she’s saying.

Here we are attempting to explain what a ‘male package’ meant.

“Package.” She put her hands in a triangle and held it up in front of him.

The Westerner looked perplexed.

“Da Vinci Code” Nerd alert!

He shook his head. I’m European, my English isn’t good, he apologized.

“The sign for male.” She flipped the triangle upside down. “Female.”

The Da Vinci code reference still didn’t switch on any Edison light bulbs. Butt it was still worth it watching the complete role reversal that so rarely happens.

The world never ceases to surprise me.


2 thoughts on “The Tables Have Turned

  1. Sara says:

    Oh language barriers! How I laugh and cry at you. I have some pretty funny stories of not being understood or understanding something wrong.

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