Holes, Monks, Scams and My Best Friend in Burma- Travel Article

my best friend Jess and I at Bagan, Burma

My travel piece about Burma just got published at the Pink Pangea website – a travel resource community for women travelers. I also officially became a Foreign Correspondent for them.  My aim is to interact with those other women in the community and help fellow female travelers. Hoping to contribute more travel articles or copy to other sources in the future. Spread the travel luuuuurve! 😀

So check the piece out- below is an excerpt:

When you’ve found a best friend who is also your best travel buddy, cherish them because they don’t come often.

I met Jessica in China through our ex-boyfriends who at that time were roommates. Later on, Jessica and I became teaching colleagues and roommates ourselves. We’d often bike around in our small town in China and spend our nights eating spicy tofu and chao fen (fried noodles) while evading the sleazy Chinese men’s invites to ganbei (toast) nauseating baijou (rice wine that simply reeks).

During Chinese New Year when we had a whole month off from school, we wanted to try something different and off the beaten path.

The next thing we know Jess and I found ourselves on a bumpy road, our bus kicking up clouds of dust and cutting through thick foliage of jungle and monasteries of Northern Burma.   Continue reading- click HERE


2 thoughts on “Holes, Monks, Scams and My Best Friend in Burma- Travel Article

  1. maria precioso says:

    Great story! Plus I agree about what you said about travel buddies. Most are fleeting so you’re pretty lucky that your best friend is also your travel buddy!

    • Kate says:

      Totally! My best friend now lives in China and I’m here in Chile 😦 so it has been pretty rough for us these past few months but I’m hoping I get there soon to see her and create more travel memories together. Not only is she my travel buddy, she’s my dancing buddy too. Hope other readers also have great travel friends. It just makes your trip so worthwhile.

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