The Quesadilla Dilemma

Mexican Quesadillas. Yum. 

I committed a grave faux pas today.

My host mom gave me some quesadillas for dinner. To which I exclaimed, “Oooh… we’re finally going Mexican!”

“Mexican? This is Chilean!” She was offended.

I didn’t know that quesadillas are a staple South American dish. Because of the proliferation of Mexican restaurants in Asia, I’ve often assumed they came from Mexico. What about nachos? Burritos? Fajitas? You mean there are Venezuelan and Colombian quesadillas? I wouldn’t want to offend any South American again.

The Chilean quesadillas had mushrooms, some sort of squid, chicken, carrots and bean sprouts. No sour cream or guacamole. It tasted a bit like dry salty Chinese chop suey with some South American distinctness topped off with a seafood aftertaste. Blech.

I have to say Mexican quesadillas still win hands down against the Chilean ones. When Sara of Titleless blog had warned me about the food here, I should’ve listened to her.

I don’t know how the population do not have constant waves of heart attacks with all the meat and salt they are digesting.

Photo by: simple recipes


4 thoughts on “The Quesadilla Dilemma

  1. Sara says:

    You are right. She is not. Quesadillas are a Mexican concept. They may have been Chilean-izised a little bit, but they are Mexican. My husband didn’t know what they were!

    • Kate says:

      Yeah, I love Mexican food but this Chilean version was just bad. I love the Mexican food there in the States but also cannot wait to try authentic Mexican food in Mexico

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