From Philippines to China to Chile- Changing Careers- My First Travel Interview

This is my first travel interview with Alexa Hart.  I’m happy she had me on her travel show and no, she didn’t bite.  You could check out her site here – Atlas Sliced. She has a big heart for travelers and has interviewed other travelers/expats to share their insights and stories.  Her site is the only travel show dishing up on advice on how to live and work abroad long term and each interview also contains useful links that you could look at.

Below is my interview.  Here I talked about the following:

  • How I found work in China
  • backpacking and losing my money in Australia
  • The BS I had in China when I almost lost my job due to visa restrictions
  • Why I moved to South America
  • How I found my PR copywriting and travel writing jobs in Chile
  • why my  China gang and my family in the Philippines mean so much to me and why it’s important to have a support system when you’re having a really rough time
  • traveling to ‘dangerous countries’ like Myanmar and North Korea

To check out the links and resources I mentioned, you can check the full page here at Atlas Sliced. So watch and enjoy the show below!

PS I was actually very nervous for this interview and could feel my  face heating up. I tried to stop from touching it too much though!




2 thoughts on “From Philippines to China to Chile- Changing Careers- My First Travel Interview

    • Kate says:

      Hola Bonjob. Kumusta? Saan ka based? Ai naku, mahal yung cost of living talaga dito at saka hindi ganon masarap yung pagakain. Other than that, ok lang yung buhay dito para sa isang semestro pero hindi talaga siya para “sa buong buhay mo” sort of thing. Salamat sa “Hi” .) Please drop by again para matuwa ako sa comments mo. lol

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