The Host Family Food Dilemma

At what point is having a dollop of milk in my cup of tea too much?

Apparently my Chilean host mom thinks so.

As I was pouring a splash of milk into my Earl Twinings tea, she snatched it away from me and said, “Milk is expensive and only for breakfast.”

It was a dollop honestly.

I wanted to tell her, “Shut up. I’m paying you $500 for rent and food and if that means more  milk, so be it.”

But I’m too nice.

Recently, she’s been snatching away goodies from me like pasta, cheese and vegetables. She told me if I want to cook my own food, I have to get out and buy my own. This is not what I imagined it to be.  I’m way into my third month with the family and she’s starting to be huffy in giving me second servings of rice. Of rice! As an Asian, I’m outraged at the shortage and demand my fair share of white grains. And I don’t even eat much.

One month and a half to go with this family.

Chile – you pay a lot, you don’t get much.


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