Chile Education Protest- My First Sighting

I had my first glimpse of the Chilean protest that is has been going on for over a year in Chile. Students have been campaigning for free education which their grandparents have enjoyed before the Pinochet dictatorship swept in and changed the country to privatization kingdom. Capitalist President Penera refused to budge and eradicate the education for profit system.

Here I stumbled upon my first protest which took place in front of the building where I work as a PR copywriter. They were mainly staged by high school students as a reaction to the latest scandal where one police officer had raped a high school girl. I could hear screams resonating from the building and the carabineros (military) swooping in. One even brought a huge wrench! People around me were snapping photos and shouting against the carbineros. In the end, the military arrested the protestors and drove away leaving the street eerily quiet and the people still stubbornly holding on to the cause of free education.

The battle may be over today but the revolution will continue.
For more info on the Chile protest, you can go to this article by Aljazeera.
Education is a right.

Protesters stopping buses in Quilpue, a city 20 minutes from where I live


2 thoughts on “Chile Education Protest- My First Sighting

    • Kate says:

      Hey, thanks for dropping in Mike! Most institutions are privatized here so the ones that own the schools get the money. Teachers are not paid much.

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