Intense Snow Experience

Roads covered in snow

Roads in Philadelphia covered in snow

Seems extreme weather follows me wherever I go.

First the strongest typhoon in world history, Haiyan and the coldest winter the US has ever felt in years.

The Arctic jet stream blast from Canada got pushed towards the US – covering the Midwest and the East Coast with a beautiful yet terrifying blanket of chill.

Lucky me I happened to be in Philadelphia and then DC — all in the Northeast.


first time to shovel in the snow

It dropped to teeth shattering -12 degrees Celsius in DC. I could feel the cold bite through my bones. The winds howled and shrieked through the night gradually turning our skin to flaying tatters worn by corpses. It did feel like being in the embrace of death.

News of even worse conditions filtered through – -20 degrees Celsius in Connecticut and a blistering – 32 degrees Celsius in Minnesota. The Great lakes have now become frozen all over.

And now? There is a complete 190 degrees  turn as these same places are experiencing a heat wave with temperatures reported to be from 12-21 degrees celsius when just a few days ago they were below -10 degrees.


They say that there is no climate change happening. Well, if you have extreme weather like this and Haiyan happening at around the same time and rumors of El Nino coming,  it gives me pause for thought of what is slowly becoming an uncertain future.



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