On Relationships Abroad: Where Do You Want To Go?


For the first time, Mr Z and I have a recurring argument.

In 2 months time, I have to leave the US. Any opportunity to leave his motherland, Mr Z is ready to go with his duffel bag.

Except he would like to go to some place remarkable and spectacular.

He would like to go to Morocco.

And that costs a lot of money.

Seeing as I have spent most of my money last year, I wanted something low key and within my budget. Somewhere I can go with my Philippine passport.

Like Panama.

Mr Z born to a semi affluent family is used to throwing $$$ away like confetti.

I was raised to sink my teeth to 1 cent and not let go of it.

“It’s just money.” “You’ll earn it all back again.” Punctuated our heated discourse with the result of me storming out and yelling, “I have no money!” and slammed the door in his face with did not really help much to heal the situation. Later Mr Z hugged me and assured me with whispers that although he seemed brash and arrogant there was no way that he didn’t value and weigh my opinion but I have to give him a better reason to go to Panama than money. It was his trip too.

And no, Panama Canal and the Panama hats were not valid.

So the question still hangs above us, “Where will we go?”

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