Alligator Tour in the Everglades Florida

Last weekend we went to see the alligators in the Everglades in Florida. The Everglades are a big territory of marshy wetlands in Southern Florida where you can find of course, alligators lurking about, searching for its next meal. They eat almost anything even other alligators.  It seems Mama Alligator eat other alligator young. How’s that for mother jealousy? I mean, if this happened in the human world every time someone’s child won a soccer game or a spelling game, it would do wonders on the world population when a jealous mom would eat them up. It might even make a good zombie movie.

"Hey  hey!"

“Hey hey!”


marshy everglades

Anyway, it was pretty interesting seeing the alligators enjoying their siestas in the marsh. They are nocturnal so they were just lazing about, black birds fluttering around them.


Our tour guide from the Miccosukee everglade tour teased them with bird sounds and bits of damp bread. He even tickled their jaw much to their displeasure. When we asked if he’s been bitten before, he shrugged and said, “A couple of times.” Then proceeded to stroke the front part of the  alligator jaw. Seems that didn’t stop him from putting his hand in front of those gaping teeth.


“Is it time for lunch?”


Mr Z’s dad was pretty impressed with the alligator’s chomping abilities.  He whispered to his son, “Boy, would I like to see those suckers open their jaws again. What say I sneak in a bag of turkey legs in our next tour and feed them.”


Mr Z looked at his dad in disbelief, his expression clearly stating, “Are you sure you know what you’re talking about??”

In his eyes, he could just see his dad lifting a turkey leg in the air, the alligator sniffing the juicy blood dripping from the meat. His sudden lethargic eyes springing into predatory glow and in seconds zip through the mud and into air, its yawning jaws dropping wide to reveal dagger sharp teeth snapping into the turkey and the arm with a satisfying resounding crunch. And Mr Z’s dad looking at the scene in disbelief, would turn to his son and say, “Call me ‘Lefty’.”


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