Watching Art in Philadelphia Flower show


It was great to watch to the flower show last Saturday in Philadelphia. I read it was a must do in the bucket list before you die.

It was teeming with people. The flowers and plants are arranged inspired by famous art from Van Gogh to Warhol.



The horticulture society can be quite snooty as they judged these magnificent pieces of art. Though it was quite a feat to arrange plants to even mirror the famous Dali’s surreal Clocks piece, I was taken aback by some of the comments

“Floral piece lack inspiration and even underwhelming.”

“Plants lacks variety.”

“The overall piece lack a more disorganized feel.”


The flower show also boasts booths selling neat stuff from plant jars to organic kitchen ware.

Me Z’s dad bought an orchid from the Philadelphia flower show not too long ago. Painstakingly and lovingly, he watered it for 8 months. It lavished under his care well. One day his wife wanted to speak to him in private.

“Pete– I have to tell you something. The orchid — it’s not alive.”

Pete’s heart skipped a beat. “But it’s been doing so well.”

“It’s plastic.”

Happy Monday!!


first prize winner of plant arrangement


miniature piece



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