When In Hanoi: Feature in Cebu Pacific Smile Magazine

Click on the pic to go to my Hanoi article

Click on the pic to go to my Hanoi article

If you’ve traveled to the Philippines, you’ll know a certain popular budget airline that has hubs all over my 7,777 archipelago. It’s Cebu Pacific and in this April’s issue, I’ve been featured in the Pinoy Neighborhood section in their flight magazine – where expat Filipinos talk about the neighborhood in the country they are temporarily residing in.

In this section, I talk about Hanoi, Vietnam – the best and off the beaten track spots to eat local Vietnamese food, sightseeing in both Hanoi and its surrounding areas, shopping in the Old Quarter and how to best get around this blend of French and Southeast Asian city.

Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve been living in Hanoi for a few months now and I’m loving it. It’s both culturally and historically rich: you see people sitting outside cafés sipping ca phe sua (Vietnamese coffee) and eating banh mi (Vietnamese baguettes). Then you see old Chinese pagodas and women in hats with their shoulder poles selling baskets of sweets. My neighborhood, Xuan Dieu, is a little different because it’s an expat town. There are many foreign cuisines in this place, from Moroccan to Japanese. The streets are lined with international restaurants and bars while Vietnamese street foods are tucked away in the nooks and crannies.

Get started
For breakfast, grab a hot croissant at French bakery Saint Honoré, then hop on a bike and go around West Lake in Xuan Dieu. It’s a scenic place by the harbour with old colonial homes, chic foreign cafés and skyscrapers.

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