A New Adventure Awaits: I am in Bogota, Colombia!


I just arrived a few days ago in Bogota, Colombia. Already excitement was in the air was my friends and I arrived to a demonstration for Labor Day. Mass police and military surrounded the city.


Bogota was full of surprises – good and bad. First, I got hit with altitude sickness. A visit to the pharmacy and the pharmacist gave me asthma pills (no thanks) after I explained it was because of a change of country altitude. I went back the second time with the right prescription and got the right meds.

Next our hostel Explora Hostel forgot our reservation, forgot the room we were in and had somebody come into our room late at night when we were sleeping. And there was no running water in the shower. Which is weird because many tripadvisor reviews raved about this hotel (never 100% trust reviews). We got out of Explora fast.


I also had the longest wait in a restaurant. Restaurant Fatima across from Explora hotel made us wait an hour and a half because the chef forgot our order. Really??

But enough of the bad. Bogota had a lot to offer. It wasn’t touristy so you didn’t feel you were thrust into backpacker haven (cough Thailand). And they had more historical museums to offer than Washington DC. People are friendly and kind and not as snobby as my former Chilean home. Everyday felt like you were exploring the local way of life because there weren’t as many tourists around.



Our next adventure takes us to this middle of nowhere city, Manizales where we are set to see the Los Nevadoes Ruiz National Park – full of glaciers and 3 awesome volcanoes. But when we arrived after a flight and a 5 hour grueling bus ride we were told that this park is only open Thursday and Sunday. We arrived Sunday night and set to leave for our flight from Medellin to Bogota on Thursday. What luck! We can see the park but only if we race through hell after through the copious never ending zig zaggy mountains of Antiquoa province to catch our flight.

What are we going to do? Will we get to see Los Nevadoes Ruiz? Will Colombia’s attractions outweigh its incompetencies?

Stay tuned for the next adventure post!

The Los Nevadoes Ruiz Volcano- the one we came all the way to see and the one we might miss?

Volcano Image credit


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