Cuban Contraband I Miss


There are some things you shouldn’t bring

I’ve never encountered a country so paranoid in its hate dislike for Cuba as the US. Blame it on the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Cold War, the Bay of Pigs, Castro or even the Elian Gonzales affair but man, are Cuban products banned from entering US soil.


Here are the delicious items I would’ve loved to bring from Cuba to the US:




burn baby burn

burn baby burn


Oooh, I love me some cigars. I never smoke but putting my lips into one of these babies was delight. I love the earthy flavor Cuban cigars have compared to the rustic acrid taste of cigarettes. At $6 for a good cigar, Cuba has introduced me to a new vice.



Havana Club Rum

Havana Club

I didn’t realize I love my rum till I went to Cuba. My favorite drinks were mojitos, cuba libre and daiquiris – not knowing that the base alcohol was rum. I was addicted to these (at $2 a glass, who wouldn’t?). I shall miss my cheap and delicious cocktails. Too bad these aren’t sold in the US (thanks, Bacardi). My friends and I weren’t rum lovers till we tasted Havana Club now there’s no turning back. Best rum we’ve ever had at $3 a bottle (good + cheap = love it!)




Che paraphernalia


Yes, the US love a good Communist. Especially one who harasses them at every turn in the old UN conventions

Che at UN convention

Che at UN convention


Image Credit: Che, Che UN, cuban cigar, cuban ladies, Havana club, mojito


5 thoughts on “Cuban Contraband I Miss

      • waterfallsandcaribous says:

        We actually spent a couple of weeks in LA before flying out to NZ on our way home from the Caribbean…a couple of weeks smoking Cubans and drinking rum, hehe. We had some coffee from one of the plantations too as well as an amazing piece of artwork of Che. No one checked anyrhing – hopefully there’s no customs officials reading this now, haha. We thought it was worth trying, figuring at worst the stuff would get confiscated. What is the one piece of contraband you’d most love from Cuba?

      • Kate says:

        That would definitely be havana club! No mojito or daiquiri ever tastes the same again and Bacardi just doesn’t compare. I guess we were too cautious but I was traveling with 2 Americans and we didn’t want to get into trouble. They have to pay $200,000 if they found out they went to Cuba. Yikes!

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