Seeking Buddha in Nihonji, Japan

We are traveling in Japan hitting up Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Two hours from Tokyo we went to Daibutsu to see one of the biggest Buddha of Japan carved in the mountains. It was off the beaten path and had very few tourists. Just a warning, the climb is quite steep and going up to see the biggest Buddha is quite long and is the steepest uphill climb of all. Overall, I’d say the climb would take more than 2 hours.


First stop- a huge traffic God buddha carved into the stone



Tons of tiny buddhas adorned the path towards the Big Buddha



Each Buddha has a different face and expression. I read there are 2,000 of these tiny Buddhas all over the mountain



Even tiny Buddhas like this


These are the size of your finger. These tiny statues are found next to the giant Buddha


Then finally the Big Buddha itself. It really is worth the climb

It is worth a whole day trip. If you’re in Japan, go off the beaten path to Nihonji Buddha.

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How to get to Nihonji Buddha in Japan

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