The Royal Palace in Madrid and Spanish Ham


The Royal Palace

We went to the Grand Palace in Madrid. It was huge and opulent.Too bad we couldn’t take pictures inside.

It was one huge palatial room after another. The Old Spanish are the experts of over the top ostentatious grandeur to the point it seems we are in a Las Vegas showroom. Everything was covered in gold. Their royal chapel was like a church in the Philippines with high vaulted ceilings and outrageous Catholic statues.

They have a throne room and oh, a crown room. They had galleries of armory and medieval weapons. Their dining room whole space could fit two of floors of my house complete with arching frescoed ceilings proudly showing off their conquered colonies. There’s even one scene of the Philippines showing off a woman picking bananas. How quaint.

The whole palace was basically a show of all the wealth the old Spanish conquistadors exploited and stole from their colonies — all the gold, tin, copper, silver and yes, bananas, sugar, coconut, tobacco and more. Here colonies, here’s all the wealth we stole from you on display to lavish on el monarchy. It was disgusting.

On a more positive note, I’ve had the chance to try Iberian ham or jamon in Spain and all the loathing and repulsion I had on our former colonizer melted away as I tried the nice dry salty ham.

my friend, Aaron's expression when he tried his first ham in Spain

my friend, Aaron’s expression when he tried his first ham in Spain

Oh Jamon!

Oh Jamon!

Most restaurants in Madrid would display many ham legs ripe for the quick tapas.


It was to die for.

Tip: If you are in Spain and you want to have more of this delicious ham, go to the supermarkets and buy them. They’re only 1 Euro for one pack of 8 slices compared to 3 euros for the same prices in the restaurants. 

Tapas! Yum!!

Tapas! Yum!!

Happy Eating!


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