Visiting Rabat, Morocco Part 1

Rabat is my favorite city in Morocco. First off, it’s underrated. There aren’t that many tourists and tourist traps. It’s clean and organized. It has more of a European feel than any other city than Morocco. It also has better attractions.

First, it has the Hassan Tower with its myriad of unfinished columns.


It was intended to be the largest minaret in the world but then in 1199, its financer Sultan al-Mansour died and they stopped the project. Would have made one heck of a minaret. Amazing

pretty awesome!

pretty awesome!

Another is the mausoleum of Mohammed V. It is the beautiful and elaborate tombs of the king Mohammed V and his two sons, Hassan II and Prince Abdallah. It was finished in 1971. The entrance is free.

Mohammed V, Mauseleum

Mohammed V, Mauseleum

front view of the mausoleum

front view of the mausoleum

window in the tomb

window in the tomb

inside the tomb

inside the tomb. The man in white reads the Koran everyday. 

More photos of Rabat to follow. 


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