Travel Disaster in Japan!

Mr Z and I are seasoned travelers. Mr Z has been to more than 30 countries and I’ve been to 26 countries. We have been to Japan more than four times and THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO US BEFORE.



Not just Mr Z but mine as well. It’s unheard of. And right when we’re in the middle of our trip.

Thankfully we were close to our hotel when it happened so we picked up our suitcase and went in.

Was it because we have been dragging our suitcases for most of the year? They had managed to hold up in the crumbling infrastructure of Cuba, the rolling hills of Colombia, the cobbled steps of Spain and potholed roads of the Philippines. Why now in the super developed slick world of Japan?

We soon found out.

It was because we were dragging it along the marks for the blind people. The rubber ridges slowly wore down the tires of our suitcase.

See the 'yellow brick road'? Those ridges tore our suitcases

See the ‘yellow brick road’? Continuously dragging out suitcases down those ridges tore our suitcases.

It's done for.

It’s done for.

Mr Z and I tried to look for cheap suitcases in Osaka. Much to our good luck, there’s no such thing as cheap suitcases in Japan. The cheapest one we found was USD70 and I didn’t even like it. I bought my suitcase at Ross in the States for USD20 and it was pretty durable. With my money running thin in Japan,  I couldn’t afford to buy a new suitcase – especially one I didn’t like.

The answer was super glue.

We found a strong batch and glued our tires together and hoped they would hold.

And they did! Yay! Hopefully it’ll hold until we leave Japan for the Philippines.



Image Credit of subway


2 thoughts on “Travel Disaster in Japan!

  1. Aryan says:

    Wow, you’re coming to Philippines?! Have a great time, please do not stay so long in Manila, we have much more beautiful islands 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Kate says:

    Hi Aryan! Manila is just a short transit. Wouldn’t want to stay long there as it’s a nightmare. I’m from the Philippines so I know. Yes, lots of beautiful islands. I’ve been to a few. The water is so crystal clear 🙂

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