Iconic Symbols of Singapore

Iconic Merlion

Iconic Merlion

We toured the main iconic symbols of Singapore. Nowhere else has these symbols. They are uniquely Singaporean.

The Merlion and the Marina Bay Sands hotels are all located in the same area. But it takes half an hour to walk from Merlion aaaaalll the way to the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

And once we got there we discovered it’s a huge underground mall. We had to plunge into the labyrinth and find a way to the top. It’s as difficult as being inside the Venetian casino in Macau where they purposely built it so you can get lost in that maze. After a couple of escalators, we found ourselves in the Marina Bay Sands hotel and out of the mall. We wanted to get to the top to enjoy the view and discovered it costs (gulp) USD$16 each. USD$32 total.

We discovered a cheaper way.

We decided to get drinks at the rooftop bar and enjoy the view.

Why don’t more people think of this? It’s because we always assumed bars in these type of ritzy hotels are expensive. And they are. But not as terrible so as the price of two tickets. Say, you bought a beer for USD$10 at the bar. That’s still half the price of two tickets and you and your partner can still enjoy the view.

So we went up to the Ce La Vi bar and bought 1 overpriced pot of tea (USD10) and a beer (USD7). Total = USD17 – half the price for two tickets. Not bad.

We're up there on the rooftop

We’re up there on the rooftop


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