Hwaseong Fortress, South Korea



Hwaseong Fortress, Suwong

I have been to Seoul, South Korea before. Mr Z hasn’t. So he designed an off the beaten path trail for me so I don’t repeat things I’ve seen before.

We went to the Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon, a suburb of Seoul.

Hwaseong Fortress is a walled town built during the famous Joseon Dynasty in Korea (1329-1910). You can see this is many Korean drama series.It was built to show one of the King Jeongjo’s loyalty towards his father, Prince Sado.

There’s a crazy story about his father, Prince Sado. He was supposed to be mentally ill and a serial rapist. He was ordered to climb into a rice chest by his father and died of starvation.

It was a very impressive fortress. The whole town is the fortress and it is surrounded by old city walls. You could walk all around the walls.

It was too bad we didn’t have enough time. We thought we could do it in two hours but the place is huge and has lot of sights to see. It also closes early during the fall and winte.r So if you visit Hwaseong, make sure to set aside a whole day for it.


View on top of the walls



Cool door design


Korea has the biggest Asian bells I’ve ever seen


Hanging out friends


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