Surprise Protest in Seoul

Mr Z and I never thought to see armed riot police force in Seoul. From my limited knowledge of Korea from Korean telenovelas, I rarely see swat teams and protests only lots of slapping and cries of “Opa!” (Big brother in Korean).

Well, Mr Z and I saw one during the Lantern Festival.


Thousands of people crowded around Seoul City Hall area. There were banners and megaphones.

Turns out we were in the middle of Seoul making history. This was the largest anti-government protest Seoul has seen in years. Thousands of people flocked to City Hall to protest and oust the current conservative President Park Gyeun-he. Water cannons and police buses lined the streets to block the protesters.

Many protesters were against the new labor reforms from President Park. She is conservative, what else? Her father was a dictator accused of working with the Japanese colonizers. These reforms would make it easier for the country’s family ruling class to fire workers and make them more money. We all know where President Park is going with this. Conservatives are usually for big business and are rarely creating reforms to help the working class.

To read more about the Korean protest, click Tens of Thousands March in Seoul, Calling for Ouster of President




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