Exploring Hagia Sophia – 3


Here are a few things you probably won’t pay much attention to in Hagia Sophia but they have a pretty interesting history.

I think the frame above is what’s left of the original structure of Hagia Sophia. The one built by Emperor Theodosius. in 405. The Emperor Theodosius’ church, Hagia Sophia was destroyed in a fire by the Nika Revolt.


This door is one of the coolest thing in Hagia. It probably is the oldest thing there is in this already old church. See the history below. 


Many materials were collected all over the Eastern Roman empire to build the Hagia Sophia including this door. I was surprised Christians don’t see anything wrong with incorporating something pagan into a Christian church. Again, the classical world incorporated items that have another history of their own . I just wish I knew the history of this temple. 


Beautiful arch 


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