Learning history in Archaeological Museum of Istanbul


Inside this treasure trove of a museum are over one million artifacts spanning the long history of Turkey/Constantinople.

The Archaeological Museum of Istanbul is one of the largest museums I’ve ever been. It is composed of three museums.

  • Archaeological Museum
  • Museum of the Ancient Orient
  • Museum of Islamic Art

Lion scuplture – Hellenic period when Byzantium (before Constantine came) was under the Greek influence



looking down on the exhibits for the Hellinistic period



These Assyrian tiles were supposedly displayed in one of the big Assyrian kingdoms.


Famous lion tile in front of an Assyrian kingdom.


Assyrian soldier? check out the braided beard.


Assyrian relief. It’s a shame Isis is bombing all these old important artifacts like Palmyra in Syria. It is an important part of history before the Roman period. Assyrian period happens at the same time as the great Egyptian civilization.


Lion sculptures in an Assyrian kingdom.


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