Cistern- Underground water cavern in Istanbul


The Basilica Cistern underground water system was found under the city of Istanbul. One of Constantinople’s greatest emperors,  Justinian built this system as part of his New Deal program (thousands of years before they know about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal).

When the Turks invaded Constantinople, they didn’t know this underground water system existed underneath their city for less than 500 years. Incredible. However, when reports resurfaced of people getting water from their floor and sometimes, getting fish along with it they had to investigate.

This is definitely one of the must-sees in Istanbul because there’s nothing quite like it.  It is 212 feet and has 336 columns. It can hold about 100,000 tons of water. This used to provide water to the palaces of Constantinople and other buildings in the First Hill.


the yellow light casts an eerie glow on the columns


Nobody knows why this Medusa is lying like this. Medusa heads were thought to ward off evil.


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