Exploring Hierapolis City Ruin


I am fascinated by ancient Roman ruins. Hierapolis was my first big Roman ruins city. I didn’t know there are tons of these scattered all over Europe, not just Italy where Rome is.

Hierapolis was created as a city around the thermal baths (I wish we had cities built around hot spring baths). Those baths supposedly had healing powers.  The apostle Philip was said to have died here. The city has his martyrium  (an old beautiful church built around his tomb).

It is a city that is a combination of both West Roman and East Roman (Byzantine) art.


Byzantine watch tower on the left





Checking out the latrine/ancient Roman toilet system.


This is where the Romans squat and poo or pee here. There are no separators for privacy. Then they take a piece of stick, clean their uhm, privates and clean it with clean running water in the separate trough.


Another look at the other side of the latrine. This was right next to the entrance of a gate. Pretty conveniently placed.


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