Visiting the Sacred Church and Theater in Hierapolis


I was excited to see the tomb of Saint Philip in Hierapolis. I didn’t know his tomb would be here. He was one of the early disciples of Jesus Christ. Again, I wondered why our Christian teachings in the Philippines didn’t teach us where the disciples were buried. I later found out Saint Philip’s remains weren’t there. There used to be thousands of pilgrims who trek here before but not anymore.


How the old altar of early Christianity looked like. 


Early Christian cross


This church used to be a pretty grand Byzantine church built in the 5th century

This church of early Christianity showed that there used to be a separate building for bathhouses. It’s very similar to what the Jews did (where Christianity got a lot of its practices) and the Muslim’s ablutions. It is too bad that later Christianity (except some sects of Eastern Christianity) would abolish this relaxing Roman practice of bathing (the world can use more hammams, if you ask me).


The theater in Hierapolis. It is unique that it still has it cool ornate pagan facades. Up close we could see the well preserved pagan reliefs of gods and goddesses


It can seat 15,000 people and built in the second century. It’s like going to a small football stadium in my town.. 

Read more about the Hierapolis Theater.




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