Roaming the Ancient Ruins of Ephesus


I had read lots of good thing about Ephesus from other blogs.

It was on the road between Pammukale and the major city of Izmir so right on the tourist path. We took a cheap Pegasus (20 Euros or so one way) from Istanbul to Denizli,  Pammukale area then took a train to Ephesus. The train was also quite affordable, fast and comfortable. It was on time and fast. Probably took an hour or so.


The ancient city of Ephesus was built around 10th century BC. The city has more preserved ruins than Hierapolis which is why it’s more popular. While walking, you can see old villas, remains of columns, museums, temples, etc.

Ephesus also had the Temple of Artemis, one of the grand 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. Sadly, only a column is left. It’s also the city the Christian apostle, Paul might have referred to in his letters to the Ephesians (but I read it might have been altered and that Saint Paul actually referred to the general Christian populace). Saint Paul was actually tried and prosecuted here for inciting against the followers of the goddess Artemis. There was a silversmith, Demetrius who thought his business of building Artemis statues would get threatened with Paul’s movement of Christianity and got Paul jailed (we have heard that before, have we?). If that Demetrius was smart, he would’ve gotten just as much money or more creating statues for Christianity but he wasn’t that business savvy.

The Gospel of John was said to be written here.

Ephesus centerpiece is the well preserved library of Celsus. It used to hold 12,000 scrolls and the person the library is named after is said to be buried there as well. Across from the library was a brothel (shows how much Romans care about propriety).




More well preserved ruins



And cats. Ephesus has many cats napping on the columns


Majestic cat


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