Exploring the Gold Mosaics inside Chora Church pt 1


Christ Pantocrator. Ceiling in the Chora Church. This is what I think the ceiling in Hagia Sophia would have looked like. 

I’ve always wanted to visit Chora Church or Kariye Museum when I heard of its many famous gold mosaics and frescoes from ceiling to floor inside the church. It is the some of the oldest and best surviving examples of the great Byzantine (east ancient Roman art).

Chora Church  or its other name, Church of the Holy Savior in Chora is a medieval Greek Orthodox/Byzantine church built in the 5th century (old!). Then it was turned into a mosque when the Turks came (as they did to most churches). Now it is a museum in Istanbul.


Look at them real golden arches. McDonald’s doesn’t hold a candle. 

Chora Church is actually a smaller church compared to other surviving Byzantine churches. It is divided into three area – the entrance hall, main part/hall of the churh and the side chapel. Each area tells a particular series of story of Jesus Christ, life of Mary and other stories.



Christ second coming. Between him are John the Baptist and the Virgin Mary. I sometimes think of this as Christ being torn between the Heavens and his Humanity. 


Byzantine priests


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