Exploring the Gold Mosaics inside Chora Church pt 2


This is part 2 of visiting the Chora Church or Kariya Musuem in Istanbul, Turkey. Looks like a fresco and not much gold mosaic.

Entering this church is like entering a photographer’s dream. Everywhere you turn, gold mosaics dazzle and distract you.

Above is a portrait of the Virgin Mary with Child in center surrounded by angels.


Mosaic of the Virgin Mary with Child. Different dome. This one is more gold mosaic.


Christ with Theodore Metochites, a statesman and patron of the arts around late 1200s-1300s. He died in Chora Church. Here he is with a peculiar looking sunhat and presenting a model of the Chora Church to Christ. I thought at first he was an Ottoman Turk because of the hat but turns out he is Greek Byzantine and the hat was just the fashion at that time. “Turban hats” were common around the Mediterranean or Turkey area, I guess.


It looks is it Mary with Jesus Christ. It might be part of the series of mosaics depicting the life of Mary.


Christ with his mother, Mary. This is beautiful.



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