Bargaining in the Bazaar in Istanbul


We took a dive inside one of Turkey’s bazaars. It was inside an old building and full of shops.


The bazaar was full of assorted items from clothes to spices like these. It is a little more expensive compared to the bazaars in Morocco and people would not go down in price too much.

I did do some serious haggling with one beautifully gold illustrated page/painting of Noah’s Ark. There were a few people selling these so I knew I could bargain with the price. The first price quoted was $80 which I thought was too much.

The man must have seen the look in my face because he became flexible on the price and asked me how much I wanted.


He smiled. “Give me a higher price.”

I refused to budge. I didn’t have much money anyway. I stuck to my original price. His price fell down more and more. I started to walk away. I wasn’t interested that much because I had planned on giving it to someone. Furiously, he asked me to come back and offered me $20.


When bargaining, remember to stick to your original price or have a budget in mind and if the seller doesn’t meet it prepare to walk away. You might have to walk a way for real a few times but you have to be prepared not to buy it.

Noah's Ark

Here’s the beautiful page.  From $80 to $20 – a good deal!




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