Visiting the Ringling Brothers House


Facade of the Ringling Brothers House – Ca’d’ Zan “House of John”

Ca’d Zan is a beautiful house built in the style of the Venetian Gothic Style. It was commissioned by famous Ringling Brother, John. Though it’s named after him, it was his wife that did most of the designing.

Look at the size of that house. Built during the roaring 20s, John Ringling made sure it looked as grand and majestic as possible to also impress potential clients to invest in his real estate.


His wife, Mable was a steady rock for John. Nothing in Ca’d’ Zan escaped her touch and thoughtful imprint of her designs. This was her wedding gown- gorgeous.


Mable’s opulent bathroom


The couple’s bedroom – with King Louis XIV? style headboards


The lobby/living room where John Ringling entertains his guests


Expensive tapestries decorated the room


Ceiling depicting the dances of different cultures

The rich circus owner did not have a happy ending. Three years after this house was complete, Mable died because of Addison’s disease  (when your adrenal glands don’t produce enough hormones) and complications of diabetes. John Ringling’s rock and good luck was gone and with it his fortune. He began making reckless financial decisions that wiped out his wealth and left him bankrupt. When he died, he was deep in debt and left this estate to to the state of Florida which kept it and restored it to his glory. Now it is a museum.


Huge glorious estate- befitting of a circus mogul



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  1. V.E.G. says:

    Believe it or not, The first time was held in 1871 was a day after Western Easter and Greek Easter and it was under Vice President Schuyler Colfax from Indiana! Ironically, it will close over a month after Easter and Greek Easter and another Vice President from Indiana, Mike Pence! Crazy world!

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