How to Apply for a Cuban Visa



I’ve often thought applying for a Cuban visa or a tourist card was a tricky affair but it’s actually not.

We were in the U.S. so we couldn’t apply for a visa because there weren’t any embassies in the country. I’m Filipino so I can visit Cuba legally. My two American friends cannot because of the embargo. But we did it anyway since we saw a lot of blog posts of Americans visiting Cuba. Just as long as we depart and leave from another country, there was no problem with us returning into the US.

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How to Apply for a Turkey Visa Online

 Turkey is another country like Taiwan that offers a quick and easy way to apply for tourist visas online.

Especially for Filipinos who hold valid visa for US, Japan and other OECD countries. I was ecstatic that I have a US and Japan visa because I’ve always wanted to visit Turkey.

Even if you’re not Filipino, this post can still be pretty helpful to you in applying for your Turkey visa. Most nationalities (including USA, Australia, Canada, Portugal, etc) need to apply online. To know if you need to apply, click on this official Turkey government page: Who is eligible for an E-visa?

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How to Apply for a Taiwan Visa Online

I’m often thrilled when I don’t go through so much hassle in applying for a visa. As a a Philippine passport holder, it’s always a pain in the butt to apply for a visa to many countries I want to visit.

Except in the case of Taiwan.

The Taiwanese government allows nationals from the Philippines, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam who holds a valid resident/visitor visa from the US, Canada, Japan, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Schengen Agreement countries to obtain a visa or a travel certificate online without going to any consulate. This particular visa can also be single entry granted it hasn’t been used yet to enter the country it was issued for and it hasn’t expired.

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