Photo of the Week: Yosemite’s Glacier Point


Look at this spectacular panorama that we saw when we got up to Glacier’s Point in Yosemite Park. More gorgeous pics of these mountains await in the next post plus a surprise visitor!


Visiting the Ringling Brothers House


Facade of the Ringling Brothers House – Ca’d’ Zan “House of John”

Ca’d Zan is a beautiful house built in the style of the Venetian Gothic Style. It was commissioned by famous Ringling Brother, John. Though it’s named after him, it was his wife that did most of the designing.

Look at the size of that house. Built during the roaring 20s, John Ringling made sure it looked as grand and majestic as possible to also impress potential clients to invest in his real estate.

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Hierapolis Ancient Tombs


Photo of the Week: This is a wealthy merchant’s tomb in the city’s necropolis, an ancient cemetery with elaborate tomb monuments.

I took a peek inside this tomb. No scary bones or skeletons. Nothing except dust. I was disappointed.

I guess whatever remains here was stolen when the Persians and the Turks invaded. This is one of the many beautiful ancient structures that still remain intact.