Exploring the Gold Mosaics inside Chora Church pt 2


This is part 2 of visiting the Chora Church or Kariya Musuem in Istanbul, Turkey. Looks like a fresco and not much gold mosaic.

Entering this church is like entering a photographer’s dream. Everywhere you turn, gold mosaics dazzle and distract you.

Above is a portrait of the Virgin Mary with Child in center surrounded by angels.
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Exploring the Gold Mosaics inside Chora Church pt 1


Christ Pantocrator. Ceiling in the Chora Church. This is what I think the ceiling in Hagia Sophia would have looked like. 

I’ve always wanted to visit Chora Church or Kariye Museum when I heard of its many famous gold mosaics and frescoes from ceiling to floor inside the church. It is the some of the oldest and best surviving examples of the great Byzantine (east ancient Roman art).

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