How to Apply for a Cuban Visa



I’ve often thought applying for a Cuban visa or a tourist card was a tricky affair but it’s actually not.

We were in the U.S. so we couldn’t apply for a visa because there weren’t any embassies in the country. I’m Filipino so I can visit Cuba legally. My two American friends cannot because of the embargo. But we did it anyway since we saw a lot of blog posts of Americans visiting Cuba. Just as long as we depart and leave from another country, there was no problem with us returning into the US.

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Visiting the Sacred Church and Theater in Hierapolis


I was excited to see the tomb of Saint Philip in Hierapolis. I didn’t know his tomb would be here. He was one of the early disciples of Jesus Christ. Again, I wondered why our Christian teachings in the Philippines didn’t teach us where the disciples were buried. I later found out Saint Philip’s remains weren’t there. There used to be thousands of pilgrims who trek here before but not anymore.

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What You Need to Know Before Going Sailing for the First Time

Sailboats at Sunset

Today we are doing something different. We have a guest post from freelance writer Sean J Olliver. Enjoy!

Sailing: a wonderful and active hobby, one that I discovered thanks to a group of friends that took me on my first sailing trip along the Pacific Coast of California. An absolute beginner, I had to learn how properly walk on a boat, while winds, currents, weather and navigation were like a foreign language to me. There are some basic facts I wish I knew before going sailing for the first time, and now I’m sharing them with you.

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