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11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Rita Schiano says:

    Hi Kate,
    Thank you for your kind words about my podcast with Paula B. I truly believe “Painting The Invisible Man” would not have been written had Amy Tan’s book “The Opposite Of Fate” not been placed in my hands. Keep writing, my firend.
    PS I am awaiting the arrival of my next Muse….if you run into him/her, please tell the Muse to HURRY UP!

  2. ksyu says:

    Thanks for dropping by Rita!

    “Keep writing my friend….”

    I will, I will. Count on it. Your words have asked me to march on continuously on paths not many will dare to tread. You have become a muse to not only me, but I’m sure to other writers who have heard your voice and it resounded in their hearts.

    Lol. Don’t worry. If I ever see your next Muse, I’ll tell her to hurry up. Yup, I think he/she’ll do that as long as you promise not to shut her up in a drawer! πŸ™‚

    • Kate says:

      Oh wow. You’ve echoed my dream 100% – *FULL TIME WRITER *(just typing this
      makes me feel giddy)

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve just started sending my work out bit by bit.
      You can see more of it in this link: Writing Updates- Lunch with the Writers
      and My First Break in Getting Published

      For nonfiction articles, I would admit I hadn’t started sending out that
      much although I’ve achieved some small measure of success for lifestyle
      pieces and reviews. For fiction, I’ve sent a couple of my works to some
      magazines and some of them rejected them and those who expressed interest
      folded so I hadn’t met much luck there yet.

      I will definitely keep moving forward.

  3. David Winters says:

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