How I Passed the Board Exam Without Studying

I passed!

Last night at 11pm, my mom woke me with the news that I had passed the Licensure Exam for teachers. I screamed with pure joy and absolute disbelief.

I had not cracked a single book for that exam.

I am no genius. Hitting the books isn’t exactly my forte and my academic performance isn’t what you call stellar. Prior to the exam, studying for it got shoved aside to make way for my day job because juggling two things was more than my single task mind could cope.

So how did I pass?

Positive thinking.

Before you skeptics hurl your ferocious flames of doubts, consider this: luck plays a big factor in every exam, especially if it’s multiple choice format. The mood and mental clarity you’re in. Your health. The presiding examiner. The weather. Which questions are going to appear.

I remember thinking after watching The Secret, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could just apply this and pass the exam just relying on these principles?” Funny because the universe heard me and said, “Your wish is my command.” making me transform my words into action.

The universe wants to know if you truly want this goal. If you want to find your future mate, do you just sit around wishing for it to happen? That doesn’t exactly show somebody who’s eager to find his perfect match. You have to show the universe you mean business. So I put up signs in my home. ‘PASS THE EXAM!’, they read. Whenever a negative thought about failing this monumental test crossed my mind, I’d immediately squashed it and replaced it with a positive thought. I looked at which subjects had the highest percentage on the examination and concentrated on those. I also practiced answering test questions (on only 3 subjects out of 9). I spent time learning to shade the boxes (the standard way of answering questions in the Philippines) efficiently and quickly. I asked friends who’ve taken the exam before for some advice. Friends offered their prayers (thanks Katya and Sweet) and positive moral support. Lastly, I put out the daily intention on passing the exam.

I also had a powerful person who I suspect gave The Law of Attraction its mighty push, namely my mother who dedicated her fervent prayers on my future success in this tough endeavor.

Finally the moment of truth arrived –Exam Day. I was probably the calmest person in the room (as is the case with unprepared people) and this has helped me answer the exam in a relaxed manner. Since we could do whatever we want with our examination booklets, I wrote the word PASS in every page to remind myself to do just that during the test. This has helped a lot because there were too many times the questions looked like foreign language to me and I had to depend on sheer luck for my answer. Let me tell you, those were the most excruciating 7 hours of my life!

There were other factors involved. I had taken the test in its brand new schedule now that the PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) has split the exam into two dates. I took the exam along with those who had failed it before and those who had graduated ahead of March (graduation date). We were a much smaller crowd compared to the expected stampede of September which will be composed of the heavy hitters who will all flock to their books and review centers after they graduate on the third month of the year. The chances of my passing increased because of the smaller number of examinees involved.

After the exam, things returned to normal and I stopped with my daily intentions. I let it slide and didn’t think much of it at all and allowed myself to get wrapped up in work again preferring to let the universe take care of my wish. And three weeks later, it did.

So what have you got to lose? Put out some intentions now! Remember, the universe is always always listening.

13 thoughts on “How I Passed the Board Exam Without Studying

  1. cattycat says:

    thanks for the shout-out.i’m trying to do “the secret” thing now since i’ve finally stumbled upon the “writer’s block”.yup, i can’t write!!! i mean, selectively, i can still manage because i get to write more creative pieces rather than do a technical write-up. In fact, it took me about six weeks to write the SOP and TB of my research class.i’m just tired of reading and pacing myself, just being caught in between the binary opposition of literature and linguistics stresses me out. if i talk to KUYA, i’m always asking if i’m writing too literary.whaaaa.but if “the secret” worked for you and it might as well, work for me. After all, i am catherine too. (i’m in the eyes of someone out there in the universe…i’ll never be katherine).hehehe

  2. ksyu says:

    Don’t worry about that ‘other’ someone who doesn’t think you’re Katherine. Someday her reign of terror will end. Writing technical stuff was always hard for me. Creative writing flows easily from my hand. I think this means you’re more creative than analytical? 😉 Kuya is very rational so he’d be the better judge in finding out if its literary or not. If not, we’ll always have THE WASTELAND. 😀

  3. thejimgaudet says:


    Great work using the law of attraction. I am happy for you. I know a lady in her late 60’s and needed a hip replacement. The doctor’s actually gave her meditation CD’s and told her to ask everyone who loved her to think positive about her operation on the day of the operation. They said that this really seems to help the success percentages.

    It doesn’t hurt to try,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have subscribed to your blog, it sounds interesting.

  4. ksyu says:

    Never underestimate the power of the mind. If we only knew how to tap immediately tap its resources, we’d be set.

    That story with the woman who needed a hip replacement sounds amazing. I’m sure it did help because she was manipulating her environment to feel good during the whole process.

    Jim, thanks for subscribing! Positive thoughts have now jumped tenfold. It’s 9:02 am here in China and I just want to thank you deeply for giving me a good start to my day.

  5. Yukiko says:

    It seems like u actually understand very much regarding this specific subject
    and this shows via this particular article, labeled “How I Passed the Board
    Exam Without Studying Live Out of the Box”. I am grateful -Darrell

  6. Anki says:

    hey thank you for this
    i was searching…
    can you please tell me in particular about using law of attraction after exams? i mean in exam result awaiting period?

    • Kate says:

      I would highly suggest you don’t think about it at all. That’s hard. But just let it go and don’t think about it. Distract yourself. Let the universe take care of it.

      • Anki says:

        @Kate…Thank you for response…i don’t think but Results thoughts comes in my front now and then. I see fail words..I am really thinking now where is my fault…please help me more…why i keep seeing fail words and getting same result. How should i get rid of that?

  7. bcn says:

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