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Unfortunately, unless you know how to dig into the PHP, or someone finally fixes and updates this brilliant WordPress Plugin (do you hear pleading and begging yet?), and using, you are stuck with a do-it-yourself site map and/or index. (from Lorelle’s Help Visitors Navigate Your Site: Make A Site Index)


Unfortunately, yes I was stuck with a do-it-yourself site map/index. Lorelle’s wonderful post on helping navigators navigate your site gave me the inspiration to make my own site index.  I’ve always hated to plough through blog entries, slushing through a cornucopia of words, clicking the previous/next page and archives continuously just looking for the titles that might interest me. I’ve often wondered why there couldn’t just be a page that contained all the titles of blog entries so I could easily scan, click and open those that were interesting? Most blogs don’t have this important guide so it’s like giving readers a ship without a map — I know where I want to go and what places I would like to visit but how the hell do I get there?

Since users don’t have access to many  great plugins, I rolled up my sleeves and manually (yes,do-it-yourself all the way) transferred my links one by one to my new site index page (good thing, I don’t have so many entries yet). But it’s worth it. If I were a reader of this blog, I’d like to have a site map too or of any blog for that matter.


2 thoughts on “Site Indexing

  1. Lorelle VanFossen says:

    Does that make you feel good? I’m still working on my site map and the new version should be out soon. I’m trying a combination of categorized links with keyword tags. It’s amazing how creative we can become when faced with the limitations of 😉

  2. ksyu says:

    Thanks for the comment Lorelle. It’s an honor for you to visit my humble new blog. Yes, it did make me feel very good to finally organize all my posts into one place. Can’t wait to see your new site map! I think limitations is what makes us advance in the long run. Frank Lloyd Wright said, “The human race built most nobly when limitations were greatest and therefore when most
    was required of imagination to build it all.” 🙂

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